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Free TV and Online Radio from Turkey – WorldTVRadio Tuner

WorldTVRadio Tuner is the best way to tune in to free Turkish radio and TV stations. Want to catch up on the latest goings on in Turkey? Or simply want to hear the comforting sounds of your favorite local Turkish radio station while you’re on the road? You’re in luck - WorldTVRadio Tuner gives you access to hundreds of international radio and TV stations streamed live, straight to your PC.

With WorldTVRadio Tuner, you can get instant access to:

•    Free Top 40 Radio Stations from Turkey
•    Turkish News, Political Commentary and Weather Reports
•    Free Sports Broadcasts from Turkey
•    Talk Shows, Public Radio and More

The Turkish radio stations and TV channels available for free through the WorldTVRadio Tuner are a mix of simulcast stations that are identical to what’s playing over the airwaves in Turkey and web exclusive radio shows that tailor to specific tastes and audiences. That means you get top-quality produced shows and carefully curated selections of music as well as independent broadcasts.

Popular Turkish Radio Stations

From Istanbul to Malatya and everywhere in between, we have top radio broadcasts from major cities and well-known DJs and radio personalities from all across Turkey.  Here are a few of the top Turkish radio stations you can get for free from WorldTVRadio:

Radio Alfa FM

Radio Alfa FM is one of Turkey’s top adult contemporary stations based out of Samsun. Here, you’ll hear the latest hits and singles from Turkish artists as well as international singers and musicians.

SDU Radyo

SDU Radyo, from Instanbul, Turkey, plays popular, chart-topping hits from Turkish artists as well as hot artists from Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.


FZ Izmir 101 is a general radio station with a great lineup of programs – from entertaining talk radio to great pop songs to keep you amused throughout the day.

Top Free TV Channels from Turkey

Turkey is a major producer of great television shows – and many of them are available for free through WorldTVRadio Tuner! From shopping channels to news and weather reports to non-stop music videos, there’s always something on with WorldTVRadio Tuner:

Expo Channel

For round the clock news, entertainment and informative reports on consumer issues, tune in to Expo Channel. Based out of Istanbul, this channel comes in great over high speed internet connections.

IMTV Islami Muzic Television

It’s MTV for Turkey – the Islami Muzic Television channel showcases music videos from up and coming Turkish artists and pop sensations 24 hours a day.

Mehtap TV

Based out of Istanbul, this channel plays informative, in-depth news reports as well as intriguing documentaries about Turkey’s history and culture.

Three Ways to Get Free TV and Radio from WorldTVRadio Tuner

There are three ways to get free, streaming, live radio and TV broadcasts on your computer instantly.

Looking for fast, access without software? Try our Online Tuner. Simply browse our full lineup of Radio Stations and TV Channels and choose a country, genre or language that interests you. Click “Launch Station” and the audio and video will begin streaming right in your browser. No downloads required! This is a great option for those using a public computer.

Want a little bit more functionality and want to help improve WorldTVRadio with your valuable feedback? The WorldTVRadio Tuner Toolbar Edition is for you. The toolbar edition integrates seamlessly with your Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari browser and keeps you connected with the latest updates to our software. Plus, it’s the only way to launch the WorldTVRadio Tuner free version!

Want a full-featured online radio and TV tuner that lets you pause live broadcasts, record shows and burn them to discs? Choose the WorldTVRadio Standalone Edition. The Standalone Edition has everything that you get with the Toolbar Edition except you get updated databases with more TV channels and more radio stations and a powerful audio capture interface that lets you record and save radio programs in real time. The Standalone Edition is yours forever with unlimited use (no bandwidth charges, hourly fees or subscriptions) for just $9.99.

Turkish Radio and Turkish TV – For Free!

WorldTVRadio Tuner is your gateway to the sights and sounds from all over the world. Forget about liberal media bias, conservative spin or ethnocentric journalistic focus. With WorldTVRadio Tuner, you choose what comes over the airwaves and into your home. Want to hear the opinions from the other side on a big national issue? Simply tune in and get the news directly from the countries where the news happens.

WorldTVRadio Tuner brings the next evolution in TV and radio consumption to your PC in an easy-to-use interface with tons of great features. In today’s globalized society, shouldn’t you have a TV and Radio tuner that connects you to the entire world? Thanks to WorldTVRadio Tuner, you do. Try it out for free today.


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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Turkey


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
24 TVTVIstambul102Turkish
Adana Kanal ATVIstambul150Turkish
Admin TVTVIstambul100Turkish
Ahi TVTVIstambul102Turkish
Akilli TVTVIstambul90Turkish
Alayan TVTVIstambul100Turkish
Arma TVTVIstambul141Turkish
ART TVTVAmasya100Turkish
ATA TVTVAnkara300Turkish
AY TVTVIstambul100Turkish
Aydin Ay TVTVIstambul80Turkish
Bahane TVTVIstambul273Turkish
Belgesel TVTVIstambul120Turkish
Bilim TVTVIstambul300Turkish
Cay TVTVRize50Turkish
Dogu TVTVIstambul100Turkish
Dost TVTVIstambul112Turkish
Dream TVTVIstambul100Turkish
Edirne TVTVIstambul100Turkish
Elasig Kanal 23TVIstambul80Turkish
Elif TVTVKayseri100Turkish
Eskisehir Kanal 26TVIstambul102Turkish
Expo ChannelTVIstambul200Turkish
FM Izmir 101RadioIzmir32Turkish
Gozde FMRadioKirklareli20Turkish
Gun TVTVTokat200Turkish
Guney TVTVBilinmiyor100Turkish
Guneydogu Radyo 99.6 FMRadioSanliurfa32Turkish
Hakk TVTVIstambul100Turkish
Hatay HRT TVTVIstambul102Turkish
Hilal TVTVIstambul150Turkish
IMTV Islami Muzic TelevisionTVIstambul100Turkish
Izmir TVTVIstambul102Turkish
Kackar TVTVIstambul100Turkish
Kanal 1TVAna Sayfa56Turkish
Kanal AvrupaTVIstambul200Turkish
Kanal BTVAna Sayfa150Turkish
Kanal DTVIstambul300Turkish
Kanal ETVElazig250Turkish
Kanal MaviTVAna Sayfa128Turkish
Karadeniz TVTVIstambul100Turkish
Karesi TVTVIstambul102Turkish
Kayseri Kanal 38TVIstambul141Turkish
Kirsehir TVTVKirsehir102Turkish
Malatya Gunes TVTVIstambul102Turkish
Malatya TV MTVIstambul102Turkish
Marmara TVTVMarmara100Turkish
Mavi Radyo 94.5 FMRadioHatay20Turkish
Mehtap TVTVIstambul200Turkish

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