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Germany - Free Radio, Free TV, Free WorldTVRadio Tuner!

Guten tag! Möchten Sie die gratis Radiosender aus Deutschland zu hören? Ja? Then tune in with the WorldTVRadio Tuner. The WorldTVRadio Tuner has scores of free radio stations broadcasting from throughout Germany. Listen in on 104.5 RTL Berlins Hit-Radio from Berlin or Antenne1 from Stuttgart or Bayern 2 from Munchen from wherever you are – it doesn’t matter if you’re in Koln or California! All you need to hear the sounds of Germany – from news and politics to football broadcasts and from top 40 hits to all techno stations – is the WorldTVRadio Tuner.

Popular Free Radio Stations from Germany

Germany is a country bursting with culture and is home to hundreds of breakout German artists, top academic intellectuals and global political leaders. But the music and programs you’ll hear when tuning into free German radio station isn’t limited to topics and trends pertinent to Germany – you’ll also hear great songs from foreign artists and international news stories. Check out some of the popular German radio stations you can hear at WorldTVRadio Tuner.

WDR Eins Live

WDR Eins Live is part of the 1LIVE radio network, which broadcasts culturally relevant music, shows and commentary throughout Germany. One of the top shows on WDR Eins Live is Plan B, which plays songs apart from the mainstream from indie artists, experimental bands and up-and-coming singers and songwriters.

Shouted FM

Shouted FM is a German webcast dedicated to bringing all the best genres to German listeners 24 hours a day. Channels include Shouted FM Alternative, Shouted FM Black, Shouted FM Break, Shouted FM Club, Shouted FM Electro, Shouted FM House and Shouted FM Main. If you hate sitting through tiresome pop songs, then tune into Shouted FM!


SkyRadio delivers Top 40 hits from Germany’s best DJs as well as entertaining radio commentary and shows to help keep you amused throughout the day. Skyradio is one of the top radio stations in Hesse and was one of the first to expand into digital radio.

Free German Radio Broadcasts on Your PC – Here’s How:

Ready to turn on and tune in? Great! We’ll have you rocking out to the latest German radio stations or catching up on that pivotal football match in no time. There are three easy ways to use WorldTVRadio Tuner to hear free Internet radio stations from Germany:

Hear it for Free – WorldTVRadio Tuner Toolbar Edition

WorldTVRadio Tuner Toolbar Edition is the best way to get free radio stations to your desktop. With the WorldTVRadio Tuner Edition, you can quickly launch the free version of the WorldTVRadio Tuner as well as use Google-powered searches to find German radio stations. The WorldTVRadio Tuner Toolbar Edition also helps you keep in touch with our customer support staff. Want more stations? Having trouble tuning in to a particular station? You can let us know in seconds with the WorldTVRadio Tuner. We’ll use your feedback to make the next version of WorldTVRadio Tuner even better!

Also, with the WorldTVRadio Tuner Toolbar Edition, you don’t have to worry about checking for updates. As a Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari plug-in, your browser will automatically check for updates each time it launches. The toolbar is a great balance between free German radio accessibility and functionality.

Listen Instantly with the Online Tuner

Need to hear a German broadcast now and can’t download any new software? This is a common situation, especially when traveling or using public computers. Luckily, you can still tune in to WorldTVRadio Tuner without downloading any software by using our Online Tuner. Simply browse through our radio station lineup and choose your station. The streaming radio feed will launch right in your browser!

Get More Stations and More Features with the WorldTVRadio Standalone Edition

It may be primetime in Germany, but what if you’re on the other side of the globe? Don’t worry – you won’t miss your favorite shows, thanks to WorldTVRadio Tuner Standalone Edition 7.0’s integrated audio capture interface. The Standalone Edition works without the toolbar and gives you the ability to record a show now and listen to it later. You can even pause a radio station and resume it where you left off without missing a beat. Plus, you can take your recorded radio stations and encode them as WMAs. Put them on your portable digital media player and enjoy German radio stations while your jogging, commuting or wherever you are!

Give WorldTVRadio Tuner a try. Use the free version for a week and see how much you enjoy being able to get free radio stations from all over the world – not just Germany. If you like it, go ahead and invest in the Standalone Edition. For Just $9.99, you get hours of entertainment, endless free music and the most up-to-date news, straight from Germany.

Country Lineup
Station Name TV/Radio City Speed Language
| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 |
104.6 RTL Berlins Hit-Radio Radio Berlin 64 German
104.9 FM Oldiestar Radio Radio Oranienburg 64 German
1-2-3 TV TV Berlin 200 German
3 SAT TV Berlin 450 German
89.0 RTL Radio Halle 64 German
9 Live TV TV Berlin 500 German
98.5 FM Radio Bochum Radio Bochum 32 German
Aachen 100 Eins Radio Dusseldorf 32 German
ADAC TV TV Webcast 2040 German
AFK M94.5 FM Radio Numberg 151 German
Alster Radio Rock & Pop 106.8 FM Radio Hagen 96 German
Antenne 1 Radio Stuttgart 64 German
Antenne AC 107.8 FM Radio Wurselen 24 German
Antenne Bayern Radio Ismaning 96 German
Antenne Brandenburg Radio Brandenburg 48 German
Antenne Dusseldorf Radio Dusseldorf 40 German
Antenne Koblenz 98 FM Radio Koblenz 128 German
Antenne MV Radio Robel 40 German
Antenne Niederrhein 98 FM Radio Kleve 128 German
Antenne Niedersachsen 103.8 FM Radio Hannover 20 German
Antenne Thueringen Radio Weimar 32 German
Antenne Unna 97.4 FM Radio Unna 64 German
Antenne West Radio 22 Radio Trier 128 German
Antenne West Radio 22 (Alternate stream) Radio Trier 128 German
Antenne West TV TV Trier 350 German
Apollo Radio Radio Sachsen 96 German
Aqua TV TV Berlin 400 German
ARD Tagesschau TV Berlin 325 German
ARTE TV TV Berlin 330 German
Astro TV TV Berlin 328 German
Audi TV TV Berlin 500 German
Augsburg TV TV Augsburg 300 German
B5 Aktuell Radio Munchen 48 German
B5 Plus Radio Munchen 48 German
Baden FM Radio Freiburg 64 German
Bahn TV TV Berlin 700 German
Bayern 1 Radio Munchen 32 German
Bayern 2 Radio Munchen 32 German
Bayern 3 Radio Munchen 32 German
Bayern 4 Klassik Radio Munchen 32 German
Bayern Das Modul Radio Munchen 64 German
Bayern Mobil Radio Munchen 32 German
BB Radio Radio Potsdam 64 German
BB Radio Radio Potsdam 48 German
Berlin Webradio Radio Berlin 64 German
Berlinbrandenburg TV TV Berlin 500 German
Berliner Rundfunk Radio Berlin 48 German
Bermuda Funk 89.6 FM Radio Stuttgart 48 German
Bestseller TV TV Berlin 350 German
Big 89.5 FM Radio Stuttgart 128 German
Bloomberg TV Germany TV Berlin 56 German