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WorldTVRadio Tuner – Channels, Stations, Movies and News from All Over the World

Turn on the television in your living room. How many channels do you get? A couple dozen? A few hundred (if you’re paying top dollar for a cable or satellite subscription)? And all of those channels are specifically targeted to your region and timezone. Now, tune in to WorldTVRadio Tuner and see how many stations you get. That’s right, you get thousands of radio and television stations from hundreds of different countries from every civilized continent. And best of all, you get them for free.

WorldTVRadio Tuner is an inevitability born from technological, cultural and global convergence. The news, sports, politics and entertainment from your localized corner of the world is no longer the end of relevance. In our globalized society, everything matters. Every bit of information from every nation matters to you. And thanks to the universality of the Internet, the affordability of broadband data speeds and the efficiency of digital audio and video, there are countless free radio and TV broadcasts available at your fingertips.

Blurring the Lines between Local and International Broadcasts

When you watch a TV show, newscast or movie with WorldTVRadio Tuner, you aren’t watching an internationalized version, watered-down and transfigured for a general audience. You’re watching the same broadcasts that someone watching in-country sees. No filters, no media bias or political spin – just straight media from the source, the way it was meant to be seen.

Interested in the latest news from United King? Watch BBC News as if you were turning on a TV set from your London flat. Need to catch the latest Australian match? Catch a live broadcast from Canberra’s ABC Sports station and watch it as if you were there. With WorldTVRadio Tuner, there are no borders or boundaries to your viewing.

Free Internet TV and Online Radio – Close to Home While Traveling, Around the World at 2 Megabytes per Second

There are numerous reasons why you might want to tune in to local TV broadcasts from another country. Traveling on business or for pleasure but don’t want to miss your regular programming? Get the latest financial news from your own backyard by tuning into Bloomberg TV France even if you’re in Brazil. Catch public television from Massachusetts by turning on Boston City TV based in the United States, even if you’re jetsetting through Asia. With WorldTVRadio Tuner, all you need is Internet access to keep up with your favorite shows or explore new horizons.

Nothing on the Tube? Check WorldTVRadio Tuner

It’s always primetime somewhere. With WorldTVRadio Tuner, you can tune into broadcasts 24 hours a day – sports, news, comedy, music videos – whatever you want to see, it’s there. There are scores of different languages including Mandarin, English, Spanish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Arabic and more. Never be stuck trying to decipher subtitles or blankly flipping through foreign language channels again – with WorldTVRadio Tuner, you’re favorite show is always on.

Three Ways to Tune in to WorldTVRadio Tuner

WorldTVRadio Tuner works for any budget, any setup and any system - we’ve made sure of it. We offer three easy ways to get the most out of the free TV stations and radio broadcasts available on the Internet.

Free Online Tuner

Want to check what’s on without installing software? No problem – use our free online tuner to browse through channels by language, type, country or name. There’s no need to download components or codecs or gain administrator access to your machine (making the free online tuner great for public computers). Simply navigate to our channel lineup and choose something you like. Click “Launch” and you’re watching international TV (for free!) in your browser.

Free WorldTVRadio Tuner Toolbar Edition

Want a bit more functionality from your WorldTVRadio Tuner? Try the Toolbar Edition. This powerful, free software integrates seamlessly into Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or any other compatible browser giving you convenient access to all the top world radio and TV stations. The WorldTVRadio Tuner Toolbar Edition helps us keep you updated with the latest database additions and software updates. Plus, it lets you keep in touch with us to tell us your comments, suggestions and feedback about our software.

The WorldTVRadio Tuner is also the only way to launch our free version of the WorldTVRadio Tuner player.

WorldTVRadio Tuner Standalone Edition

For the maximum features and functions, go with the WorldTVRadio Tuner Standalone Edition. For a low one-time payment of $9.99, you get access to our full range of TV stations as well as our built-in audio capture interface. With our easy-to-use recording and burning software, you can record radio shows and broadcasts and save them for later. Burn them to a CD, sync them to your portable media device or pause live broadcasts.

WorldTVRadio Tuner brings all of the world’s best sports, news, music and movies straight to your computer. Got an Internet connection? Then you’ve got a huge selection of free TV channels that overshadows any offering from cable or satellite.

Television channels - Alphabetic List

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Current worldtvradio's TV channel lineup from # to B
Station NameLanguageCountryCityStation TypeSpeed
Click on channel name to open station page
[ 3 ] ChannelItalianItalyRomeVariety / General Station330
101 TVDutchNetherlandsWebcastVariety / General Station500
11 NewsThaiThailandBangkokNews/Talk102
1-2-3 TVGermanGermanyBerlinShopping200
21 City TVEnglishUnited StatesNE,LincolnCommunity112
24 CZ TVCzechCzech RepublicPraguePolitics & Government 400
24 OreItalianItalyRomeFinancial News350
24 TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulNews/Talk102
24 TVUkranian UkraineKievNews/Talk1100
2SBS SBS World News AustraliaEnglishAustraliaCanberraNews/Talk225
3 SATGermanAustriaViennaVariety / General Station450
3 SATGermanGermanyBerlinFull Service450
3 TV Channel 1 MIXChineseChinaBeijinVariety / General Station128
3 TV Channel 3 TVBChineseChinaBeijinVariety / General Station300
3 TV Channel 4 HKChineseChinaBeijinVariety / General Station300
3 TV Channel 5 FIFAChineseChinaBeijinSports200
3 TV Channel 6 ATVChineseChinaBeijinVariety / General Station128
3 TV Channel 7 HDChineseChinaBeijinVariety / General Station800
3 TV Channel 7 HD PreviewChineseChinaBeijinVariety / General Station800
3 TV HD Channel 8ChineseChinaBeijinVariety / General Station200
3ABN Latino TVSpanishUnited StatesCA, Los AngelesReligious300
3ABN TVEnglishUnited StatesCA, Los AngelesReligious300
3BTVEnglishUnited KingdomLondonVariety / General Station347
3GTY TV Channel 1ChineseChinaXian CityVariety / General Station340
3GTY TV Channel 2ChineseChinaXian CityVariety / General Station340
3Voor12 TV CentralDutchNetherlandsAmsterdamMusic Television800
3Voor12 TV On StageDutchNetherlandsAmsterdamMusic Television800
5 TV Television de la FronteraSpanishMexicoAcapulcoVariety / General Station150
538 Beach TVDutchNetherlandsWebcastOther540
7 DNI TVBulgarianBulgariaSofiaVariety / General Station300
7 NewsEnglishBelizeBelize CityNews/Talk300
770 Live TVHebrewUnited StatesNY, New YorkReligious150
9 Live TVGermanGermanyBerlinOther500
A TVChineseChinaBeijingVariety / General Station272
A1 TelevizionAlbanianAlbaniaTiranaVariety / General Station100
A3 Noticias 24SpanishSpainMadridNews/Talk350
ABC Comedy KitchenEnglishAustraliaCanberraComedy230
ABC KidsEnglishAustraliaCanberraKids230
ABC NewsEnglishUnited StatesNY, New YorkNews/Talk300
ABC SportsEnglishAustraliaCanberraSports200
About Finance TVEnglishUnited StatesNY, New YorkFinancial News391
ABS TVEnglishAntigua & BarbudaSt. John'sVariety / General Station100
ACC TelevisionEnglishAustraliaSydneyReligious300
Access Pittsfield TVEnglishUnited StatesMA, PittsfieldCommunity503
Access SacramentoEnglishUnited StatesCA, SacramentoVariety / General Station150
Access Sarasota Channel 19EnglishUnited StatesFL, SarasotaCommunity150
Access Tucson Channel 72EnglishUnited StatesAZ, TucsonPublic100
Access Tucson Channel 73EnglishUnited StatesAZ, TucsonPublic100
Access Tucson Channel 74EnglishUnited StatesAZ, TucsonPublic100
AccuWeather ChannelEnglishUnited StatesNY, New YorkWeather391
Accuweather TVEnglishUnited StatesPA, Fort WashingtonWeather259
A-Channel Breakfast TelevisionEnglishCanadaTorontoNews/Talk500
A-Channel News at 6EnglishCanadaTorontoNews/Talk150
ADAC TVGermanGermanyWebcastOther2040
Adana Kanal ATurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station150
Admin TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station100
Afghanistan TVPashtoAfghanistanKabulVariety / General Station160
AFN TVPersianIranInternetVariety / General Station56
Africa Hit Music TVEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMusic Television222
Agape Television Canal 8SpanishEl SalvadorSan SalvadorReligious100
Agaphy TVEgyptianEgyptCairoReligious50
Agro CanalPortugueseBrazilCampo GrandeOther100
Aguascalientes TVSpanishMexicoAguascalientesVariety / General Station150
Agus TVItalianItalyPerugiaVariety / General Station100
Ahi TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station102
Akilli TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station90
Al Jazeera TV EnglishEnglishQatarDohaNews/Talk300
Al Kawthar TVPersianIranTehranVariety / General Station100
Al Majd TVArabicSaudi ArabiaRiyadhVariety / General Station218
Al ManarArabicLebanonBeirutNews/Talk56
Alalam TVPersianIranTehranNews/Talk56
Alayan TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station100
Alekhbariya TVArabicSaudi ArabiaRiyadhVariety / General Station100
Alfa Omega Crestin TVRomanianRomaniaBucurestiReligious200
Alfa Omega MoviesRomanianRomaniaBucurestiMovies Channel200
Alfa Omega TVRomanianRomaniaBucurestiVariety / General Station352
Alfa Omega Youth TVRomanianRomaniaBucurestiKids300
Al-Forant TVArabicIraqBaghdadVariety / General Station102
Al-Iraqiya TVArabicIraqBaghdadVariety / General Station102
Aljazeera TVArabicQatarDohaNews/Talk100
Aljazeera TV Signal 2ArabicQatarDohaNews/Talk100
Alkarbalaeia TVPersianIranTehranVariety / General Station85
Alkarma TVMultilanguageUnited StatesUS, WebcastReligious280
All Music TVItalianItalyRomeMusic Television240
All TVPortugueseBrazilSao PauloFull Service140
Almavision TVEnglishUnited StatesCA, Los AngelesReligious320
Alnadi ChannelArabicLybian Arab JamahiriyaTripoliSports273
Alsat TVAlbanianAlbaniaN/AVariety / General Station100
Alternative TVEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMusic Television154
Althingi TVIcelandicIcelandReykjavikPolitics & Government330
Amaury Jr. TVPortugueseBrazilSao PauloCultural70
Amazon SatPortugueseBrazilManausFull Service350
America Free TV - Adventure ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMovies Channel1100
America Free TV - Cartoons ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastKids500
America Free TV - Classic Movies ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMovies Channel300
America Free TV - Classics ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMovies Channel1100
America Free TV - Comedy 2 ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastComedy300
America Free TV - Comedy ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastComedy1100
America Free TV - Crime ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMovies Channel1100
America Free TV - DimensionB ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMovies Channel300
America Free TV - Espana ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMovies Channel500
America Free TV - Halloween ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMovies Channel1000
America Free TV - Horror ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMovies Channel1000
America Free TV - Indymovies ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMovies Channel1000
America Free TV - Mistery ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMovies Channel1100
America Free TV - Music Videos ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMusic Television300
America Free TV - Western ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMovies Channel1000
Amouzesh TVPersianIranTehranCultural273
AMP Marina Channel 25EnglishUnited StatesCA, City of MarinaPublic330
AMP Monterrey Channel 24EnglishUnited StatesCA, MonterreyPublic330
AMP Monterrey Channel 25EnglishUnited StatesCA, MonterreyPublic330
Andalucia TVSpanishSpainAndaluciaVariety / General Station45
Andisheh TVPersianIranTehranVariety / General Station102
Andong MBC TVKoreanKoreaSeoulVariety / General Station200
Ang Dating Daan TVEnglishPhilippinesManilaReligious104
Anhui TV Channel 1ChineseChinaHefeiVariety / General Station432
Anhui TV Channel 2ChineseChinaHefeiFinancial News432
Anhui TV Channel 3ChineseChinaHefeiFinancial News432
Anhui TV Channel 4ChineseChinaHefeiFinancial News432
Anhui TV Channel 5ChineseChinaHefeiFinancial News432
Anhui TV Channel 6ChineseChinaHefeiFinancial News432
Anhui TV Channel 7ChineseChinaHefeiFinancial News432
Anhui TV Channel 8ChineseChinaHefeiFinancial News432
Anjoman TVPersianIranTehranCultural150
Antena 1 TVRomanianRomaniaBucurestiVariety / General Station363
Antena 3 TVRomanianRomaniaBucurestiVariety / General Station376
Antenna 5ItalianItalyEmpoliVariety / General Station150
Antenna 6 TVItalianItalyPisaVariety / General Station170
Antenna SiciliaItalianItalySiciliaNews/Talk220
Antenne West TVGermanGermanyTrierVariety / General Station350
ANTVSpanishVenezuelaCaracasPolitics & Government100
A-One TVRussianRussian FederationMoscowMusic Television260
Apna ChannelUrduPakistanKarachiVariety / General Station56
Aqua TVGermanGermanyBerlinSports400
AR TV Canal ParlamentoPortuguesePortugalLisboaPolitics & Government110
Arcoiris TVMultilanguageItalyWebcastVariety / General Station218
ARD TagesschauGermanGermanyBerlinNews/Talk325
Arena TVRomanianRomaniaWebcastOther440
Argent TVFrenchCanadaQuebec CityFinancial News300
Ariana International TVPashtoAfghanistanOrange County CA, USAVariety / General Station762
Ariana TVPashtoAfghanistanKabulVariety / General Station102
Ariana TV EUPashtoAfghanistanKabulVariety / General Station102
Arirang TVKoreanKoreaSeoulVariety / General Station150
Arma TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulMusic Television141
ART ChannelFrenchFranceParisCultural1100
ART TVTurkishTurkeyAmasyaVariety / General Station100
Arte TVFrenchFranceParisCultural266
ARTE TVGermanGermanyBerlinCultural330
ARTN TVRussianArmeniaArmeniaVariety / General Station380
Arutz TVHebrewIsraelJerusalemShopping392
Assemblee legislative Nouveau BrunswickFrenchCanadaFrederictonPolitics & Government160
Astra TVGreekGreeceAthensVariety / General Station100
Astro Center TVFrenchFranceParisOther273
Astro TVGermanGermanyBerlinOther328
ASTV NewsThaiThailandBangkokNews/Talk450
AT TVEnglishUnited StatesFL, GainesvillePublic330
AT5 TVDutchNetherlandsAmsterdamVariety / General Station323
ATA TVTurkishTurkeyAnkaraVariety / General Station300
ATEI TelevisionSpanishSpainMadridCultural100
Atlanta ChannelEnglishUnited StatesGA, AtlantaOther102
ATVCatalanAndorraAndorra La VellaNews/Talk270
ATVHungarianHungaryBudapestFull Service454
ATVDutchSurinameParamariboVariety / General Station650
ATVTurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station56
Audi TVGermanGermanyBerlinOther500
Australian Christian ChannelEnglishAustraliaMaroochydore SouthReligious273
AVC TV Americas Value ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastShopping300
Avila TVSpanishVenezuelaCaracasVariety / General Station273
AVN TVEnglishUnited StatesVA, ArlingtonCommunity300
AVRO Dier en Natuur TVDutchNetherlandsAmsterdamCultural800
AVRO Hilversum BestDutchNetherlandsHilversumCultural800
AVRO Museum TVDutchNetherlandsAmsterdamCultural800
AVS DinsdagGermanBelgiumBrusselsNews/Talk500
AVS DonderdagGermanBelgiumBrusselsNews/Talk500
AVS MaandagGermanBelgiumBrusselsNews/Talk500
AVS VirjdagGermanBelgiumBrusselsNews/Talk500
AVS WoensdagGermanBelgiumBrusselsNews/Talk500
AVS ZondagGermanBelgiumBrusselsNews/Talk500
AY TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station100
Aydin Ay TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station80
Azerbaijan Television AZ TVAzeriAzerbaijanBakuVariety / General Station110
B-92 TVSerbianSerbiaBelgradeVariety / General Station100
Bagri TVBulgarianBulgariaSofiaVariety / General Station1100
Bahane TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulMusic Television273
Bahn TVGermanGermanyBerlinOther700
Bahrain TV Channel 55ArabicBahrainManamaVariety / General Station70
Bamboch TVFrenchHaitiInternetMusic Television323
Band NewsPortugueseBrazilSao PauloNews/Talk150
Band SportsPortugueseBrazilSao PauloSports150
Barcelona TVSpanishSpainBarcelonaVariety / General Station320
Baseball Channel TVEnglishUnited StatesNY, New YorkSports400
BBC BusinessEnglishUnited KingdomLondonFinancial News100
BBC HeadlinesEnglishUnited KingdomLondonNews/Talk220
BBC Headlines Signal 2EnglishUnited KingdomLondonNews/Talk220
BBC IslandsEnglishUnited KingdomJerseyNews/Talk200
BBC Liquid NewsEnglishUnited KingdomLondonNews/Talk255
BBC LondonEnglishUnited KingdomLondonNews/Talk80
BBC Look EastEnglishUnited KingdomLondonNews/Talk255
BBC NewsEnglishUnited KingdomLondonNews/Talk220
BBC News 24EnglishUnited KingdomLondonNews/Talk300
BBC ParliamentEnglishUnited KingdomLondonPolitics & Government220
BBC Reporting ScotlandEnglishUnited KingdomLondonNews/Talk36
BBC South-EastEnglishUnited KingdomLondonNews/Talk227
BBC The Daily PoliticsEnglishUnited KingdomLondonPolitics & Government36
BBC WeatherEnglishUnited KingdomLondonWeather80
BBC Working LunchEnglishUnited KingdomLondonNews/Talk36
BC TVEnglishUnited StatesMA, BostonReligious320
BCAT TV Channel 1EnglishUnited StatesNY, BrooklynCultural200
BCAT TV Channel 2EnglishUnited StatesNY, BrooklynCultural200
BCAT TV Channel 3EnglishUnited StatesNY, BrooklynCultural200
Beach TVEnglishUnited StatesFL, DestinOther200
Beach TV Myrtle BeachEnglishUnited StatesSC, Myrtle BeachVariety / General Station100
Beach TV Panama CityEnglishUnited StatesFL, Panama CityVariety / General Station200
BEC TV Bloomington Educational Cable TelevisionEnglishUnited StatesMN, BloomingtonCommunity100
Belarus TVBelorusian (Byelorussian)BelarusMinskFull Service100
Belgesel TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station120
Berlinbrandenburg TVGermanGermanyBerlinVariety / General Station500
Bestseller TVGermanGermanyBerlinShopping350
Bethel TVSpanishPeruLimaReligious96
BFM TVFrenchFranceParisNews/Talk450
BFM TVFrenchFranceParisNews/Talk450
BHT 1BosnianBosnia and HerzegovinaSarajevoNews/Talk128
Bible TVGreekGreeceAthensReligious120
Bid-Up TVEnglishUnited KingdomLondonShopping220
Big Brother 1 VRTCroatianCroatiaZagrebOther440
Big Brother 2 KuhinjaCroatianCroatiaZagrebOther440
Big Brother 3 BlagovaonikaCroatianCroatiaZagrebOther440
Big Brother 4 Dnevni BoravakCroatianCroatiaZagrebOther440
Big TVSwedishSwedenStockholmVariety / General Station314
BigPond Football TVEnglishAustraliaBallaratSports200
BigPond Music TVEnglishAustraliaBallaratMusic Television900
Bigpond SportsEnglishAustraliaSydneySports200
BigPond TVEnglishAustraliaBallaratVariety / General Station371
Bilim TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulCultural300
BJ IPTVChineseChinaBeijingMovies Channel400
Black Sea TVBulgarianBulgariaSofiaMusic Television300
Bloomberg TV Asia PacificMultilanguageJapanTokioFinancial News36
Bloomberg TV BrazilPortugueseBrazilSao PauloFinancial News56
Bloomberg TV FranceFrenchFranceParisFinancial News54
Bloomberg TV GermanyGermanGermanyBerlinFinancial News56
Bloomberg TV ItalyItalianItalyRomeFinancial News56
Bloomberg TV JapanJapaneseJapanTokyoFinancial News56
Bloomberg TV SpainSpanishSpainMadridFinancial News700
Bloomberg TV UKEnglishUnited KingdomLondonFinancial News56
Bloomberg TV USEnglishUnited StatesNY, New YorkFinancial News200
Blu Win Wetter TVGermanSwitzerlandZurichWeather250
BME TV Classic CartoonsEnglishUnited KingdomLondonKids350
BME TV Community PlatformEnglishUnited KingdomLondonCultural350
BME TV Creative ArtsEnglishUnited KingdomLondonCultural350
BME TV EntertainmentEnglishUnited KingdomLondonVariety / General Station350
BME TV HeritageEnglishUnited KingdomLondonCultural350
BME TV Life SkillsEnglishUnited KingdomLondonCultural350
BME TV MusicEnglishUnited KingdomLondonMusic Television350
BME TV PlayfirstEnglishUnited KingdomLondonVariety / General Station350
BME TV Skills and WorkEnglishUnited KingdomLondonCultural350
BME TV Social EducationEnglishUnited KingdomLondonCultural350
BME TV SpiritEnglishUnited KingdomLondonCultural350
BME TV SportsEnglishUnited KingdomLondonSports350
BN TV BanivisionSpanishDominican RepublicSanto DomingoVariety / General Station273
Boa Vontade TVPortugueseBrazilBrasiliaReligious225
Boardriders TVEnglishFranceParisSports500
Boishakhi TVBangla BangladeshDhakaVariety / General Station300
Bonobo TVEnglishUnited KingdomLondonMusic Television800
Boschtion TVDutchNetherlandsDen BoschVariety / General Station755
Boston City TVEnglishUnited StatesMA, BostonPublic220
BP 13HungarianHungaryBudapestVariety / General Station273
BRT 1 Bayrak TelevizyonTurkishCyprusNicosiaVariety / General Station143
BRT 2 Bayrak TelevizyonTurkishCyprusNicosiaVariety / General Station143
BTK NationalBulgarianBulgariaSofiaOther300
BTV Channel 28EnglishUnited StatesCA, BerkeleyCommunity220
Buy Customes TVEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastShopping300
BYU TVEnglishUnited StatesUT, BrighamPublic220