Station Name: LV 3 AM 700 Cadena 3

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Argentina

LV 3 AM 700 Cadena 3 is a radio station from the heart of Argentina, in the City of Cordoba. This internet radio can be accessed online at just a speed of 20 from basically any corner of the entire globe. The radio station is a live one offering you assorted programming and a chain of programs to keep you hooked to the station.

 With Stereo sound and live transmissions, you might not have asked for a better radio station, whether you are within the city of Cordoba or without. It is very important to find the kind of station that can offer you the kind of news, entertainment, talks and music you might be looking for, and if you come from Argentina, or anywhere else as far as you can understand Spanish, sample LV 3 AM 7000 Cadena 3 and you will never be disappointed.

Through Windows Media player you have a chance to listen to this station and understand why it has a handsome following. Listening to this radio station is absolutely free and you only need to get some internet connection and a Personal Computer and you are good to go. Get the information about the station, the host, shows to look out for and watch as well as have all the broadcast information that might have cropped up.

 Live 3 Am 700 Cadena succeeded Chain state radio that has a history going back to 1930. After 1990, within the framework of privatization and liberalism that came to force, the radio station was privatized and owned by Central INC. It is one of the widely listened radios not only in Cordoba, where about 85 percent of people listen to it but in the entire country. The programs from LV 3 AM 700 reflect the true classics of Cordoba radio with live transmissions creatively produced, offering people local information and other assorted news items.

LV 3 AM 700 Cadena 3


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LV 3 AM 700 Cadena 3
LV 3 AM 700 Cadena 3 - Internet radio station From :: Argentina
Country/State Argentina
City Cordoba
Language Spanish
Speed 20
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type Full Service
Player Windows Media
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ScheduleLV 3 AM 700 Cadena 3Schedule Not Available
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