Station Name: LT 24 FM 88 Radio San Nicolas

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Argentina

     LT 24 FM 88 Radio San Nicolas is among the various radio stations that are broadcasted in Argentina. If you were to look for it, you would find it in the city of Buenos Aires. Spanish being the official language in Argentina is the main language that is used when broadcasting this station because it is highly suitable.

     LT 24 FM 88 Radio San Nicolas offers online services to listeners who would like to listen from the internet. Some of them are in the Diaspora, away from home and they want to listen to it and they can do this over the internet and even download music that they, the listeners, like. The sound that they receive is enabled through mono and it has a speed of 24. The music that they play is transmitted through Winamp, QuickTime and other music players. They kind of music that they play is pop and rock.

    It is known that this is one of the oldest fm radio stations in Argentina. It was the first to transmit through cable to its listeners. Before that, the station was forced to transmit through cable due to the laws that were existent at that time and it was free to its users. Later on, they were commonly known to the new and upcoming fm radio stations as the “master” consultant when it came to resources.

     Together with LT24 AM 1430, FM88 later became the first radio stations in Argentina to install digital audio. This was early in the 20th century; September, 1993. Later on in the century, on December 1998 LT24 was able to broadcast live and over the internet.
     One importance of radio is to entertain people and they can do this through talk shows that are interactive and most importantly through music.

LT 24 FM 88 Radio San Nicolas


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LT 24 FM 88 Radio San Nicolas
LT 24 FM 88 Radio San Nicolas - Internet radio station From :: Argentina
Country/State Argentina
City Buenos Aires
Language Spanish
Speed 24
Sound Mono
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type 70s
Player Winamp /Quick Time / Other
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