Station Name: LRH 251 AM 740 Radio Chaco

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Argentina

From the heart of Argentina in the City of Resistencia, comes a great radio station you can now access online. It is one of the best radio stations from the land and you can reach out online and enjoy the best of this station. There are some radio stations that are made to fill a void as well as reflect the greatness of a City, the News, the humor of the day and largely tell of all the happenings that encompass a region with a specific day.

If you are from the Resistencia, you bear the fact that it is a great radio station to watch. The idea is that for every radio station, the uniqueness of the transmissions is from its programming. However, in this case, it is the programming that befit the term unique and largely worth checking out. If you are Spanish or you can understand Spanish, it is time you tried out this station and get to know why so many people within Argentina have been warming up to this TV station. 

There are many things you might want to check out when you are going out of your way to find the station that works for you. One of this should be the schedule of the station and what it might be offering you in terms of things to listen. In LRH 251 AM 740 Radio Chaco, you might want to visit the Homepage and see what is favorable to listen. The good thing with most Internet radios is the fact that there is a tendency to have most listeners give feedback on what they think about the radio station, the kind of programs they would like to listen to and generally, any information they might want communicated. 

It is something that makes sense for many people who are from a specific region but have either traveled for business or emigrated, but since they want to get the gist of the local happenings, they listen to the station online from home. This is what Radio Chaco could offer you today, that informational missing link that you might, at only a speed of 20, mono sound and from a basic Windows Media.

LRH 251 AM 740 Radio Chaco


Station Information and links
LRH 251 AM 740 Radio Chaco
LRH 251 AM 740 Radio Chaco - Internet radio station From :: Argentina
Country/State Argentina
City Resistencia
Language Spanish
Speed 20
Sound Mono
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type Full Service
Player Windows Media
Home Page LRH 251 AM 740 Radio Chaco Homepage
ScheduleLRH 251 AM 740 Radio ChacoSchedule Not Available
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