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More than sixty WorldTVRadio stations provide friends, countrymen, and citizens of Uruguay with a mixed variety of choices for music, entertainment and more.  This South American jewel of a country, with gorgeous beaches and huge steaks that some just cannot eat, is home to a little more than three million people.  WorldTVRadio Tunerís Alfa 96.3 FM brings life to the people with news about music and entertainment, as well as some quick updates on news.  Dancers and music aficionados alike can appreciate the Latin hits found on WorldTVRadio Tunerís Inolvidable 93.1 FM from Las Piedrasótoes tap, and hips wiggle on their own!

Listening to WorldTVRadio Tunerís Zoe Gospel 91.5 FM religious news and music is brought to the people of Uruguay.  For talk shows and news, such as politics and economics, check out WorldTVRadio Tunerís Radio Maldonado 1560 AM from Punta del Este.  Worldwide listeners can appreciate news being kept up to date yet still hearing it elsewhere in the world.  Although not on the air for 24 hours a day, La Voz de Melo 1340 AM will be doing what it has been for the last 67 yearsóproviding news, music and weather information as well as talkófor the Melo and Cerro Largo area. 

Crossing the country to the area of Salto, WorldTVRadio Tunerís Mundo 107.9 FM brings regional news, sports and cultural interests to the listener as well as talk and music.  For a truly sports oriented station, listeners should tune into WorldTVRadio Tunerís Radio Cien 100.3 FM from Montevideo.  Daily news about soccer, will certainly keeps sports buffs on their toes.   Take the time to point, click and tune into one of WorldTVRadio Tunerís many Uruguay stations for whatever information neededóitís worth the time!

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Uruguay


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Alfa 96.3 FMRadioMontevideo48Spanish
Aspen Punta del Este 103.5 FMRadioPunta del Este32Spanish
Cadena de la Costa 102.1 FMRadioLa Paloma20Spanish
Concierto 94.7 FMRadioPunta del Este48Spanish
Conquistador 97.3 FMRadioTreinta y Tres24Spanish
Contacto 106.9 FMRadioPaysandu32Spanish
Coronilla 102.3 FMRadioLa Coronilla32Spanish
CV127 Radio Cuareim 1270 AMRadioArtigas48Spanish
CV155 Radio Agraciada 1550 AMRadioMercedes32Spanish
CW1 Radio Colonia 550 AMRadioColonia10Spanish
CW31 Radio Salto 1120 AMRadioSalto8Spanish
CX121 Difusora Soriano 1210 AMRadioSoriano24Spanish
CX122 Radio Reconquista 1220 AMRadioRiveras48Spanish
CX142 Radio Felicidad 1420 AMRadioPaysandu32Spanish
CX144 Radio Rivera 1440 AMRadioRiveras21Spanish
CX146 Radio Carmelo 1460 AMRadioCarmelo24Spanish
CX157 Radio Canelones 1570 AMRadioCanelones24Spanish
CX159 Radio Real 1590 AMRadioColonia Suiza32Spanish
CX160 Radio Litoral 1600 AMRadioFray Bentos24Spanish
CX18 Radio Sport 890 AMRadioMontevideo8Spanish
CX189 Radio Del Oeste 1490 AMRadioNueva Helvecia25Spanish
CX214 Amatista 90.7 FMRadioArtigas24Spanish
CX262 Emisora Galicia 100.3 FMRadioMercedes24Spanish
CX293 Emisora Del Exodo 106.5 FMRadioSalto16Spanish
CX30 Radio Nacional 1130 AMRadioMontevideo24Spanish
CX36 Radio Centenario 1250 AMRadioMontevideo6Spanish
CX4 Radio Rural 610 AMRadioMontevideo16Spanish
CX42 Emisora Ciudad Montevideo 1370 AMRadioMontevideo16Spanish
CX50 Independencia 1530 AMRadioMontevideo16Spanish
CX8 Radio Sarandi 690 AMRadioMontevideo16Spanish
CXA294 Del Plata 95.5 FMRadioMontevideo44Spanish
CXD270 Azul 101.9 FMRadioMontevideo32Spanish
Del Molino 89.3 FMRadioCanelones48Spanish
Difusora Rochense 1260 AMRadioRocha48Spanish
El Puente 103.3 FMRadioMontevideo24Spanish
Federal 99.1 FMRadioMinas32Spanish
Ideal 90.1 FMRadioSanta Lucia32Spanish
Inolvidable 93.1 FMRadioLas Piedras32Spanish
La Voz de Melo 1340 AMRadioMelo24Spanish
Latina 95.3 FMRadioPaysandu32Spanish
Libre 1410 AMRadioMontevideo8Spanish
M24 97.9 FMRadioMontevideo16Spanish
Metropolis 104.9 FMRadioMontevideo12Spanish
Montecarlo 930 AMRadioMontevideo20Spanish
Mundo 107.9 FMRadioSalto48Spanish
Oceano 93.9 FMRadioMontevideo16Spanish
Radio 41 1360 AMRadioSan Jose de Mayo24Spanish
Radio Cero 104.3 FMRadioMontevideo20Spanish
Radio Cien 100.3 FMRadioMontevideo20Spanish
Radio Cinco 89.7 FMRadioTrinidad32Spanish

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