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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  United Arab Emirates


WorldTVRadio Tuner has many television and radio stations as diverse as the United Arab Emirates are. No matter where you happen to be located, you can tune into fascinating broadcasts from the United Arab Emirates on WorldTVRadio Tuner.

For those that speak Arabic, Dubai 92 is one station that shouldn’t be missed. This station recently won an award for excellence, and the programs that are part of Dubai 92’s lineup are full of debate, passion, and intelligence. Tune into to find out about cultural happenings within the United Arab Emirates or listen to discover how this unique land views global events.

Dubai TV News is another station broadcast live from the Emirates that shouldn’t be ignored. This television station is broadcast in Arabic, and it features all kinds of unique programming focused on current news events. Watch as important Emirates personalities debate the latest news topics, or find out how the Emirates view the rest of the world by tuning into Dubai TV News.

If you want to learn more about Arabic folklore, then you’ll love what Al Khaleejiya has to offer.  This radio station is broadcast live from the United Arab Emirates, and it features plenty of interesting programming focused on keeping Arabic folklore alive.

Listen to any of the WorldTVRadio Tuner stations from the United Arab Emirates live around the clock. Take WorldTVRadio Tuner with you when you travel or simply tune in from the comfort of your home. When you want to know what’s happening in the Emirates, simply choose any of our original television or radio stations.

Country Lineup
Station Name TV/Radio City Speed Language
| 1 |
106.2 HUM FM Umm Al Qaiwain Radio Abu Dhabi 20 Arabic
Al Arabiya 98.9 FM Radio Dubai 64 Arabic
Al Khaleejiya Radio Dubai 64 Arabic
Awaaz 104.4 FM Radio Dubai 20 Arabic
Dubai 92 Radio Dubai 20 Arabic
Dubai 93.9 FM Radio Dubai 20 Arabic
Dubai Eye 103.8 FM Radio Dubai 20 Arabic
Dubai TV News TV Dubai 120 Arabic
Hit 96.7 FM Radio Dubai 20 Arabic
Radio City 101.6 Radio Dubai 20 Arabic