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From flashpoint in World War 2 to home of the Orange Revolution, Ukraine’s history is a turbulent and at times troubled one. Yet the Eastern European nation retains its fighting spirit and is rapidly moving towards becoming more like its Western counterparts, with greater press freedom and ameliorated economic conditions since the 2004 revolution. The capital Kyiv (or Kiev) boasts its fair share of historical monuments and impressive buildings, while cities like Odessa, Crimea and Lviv are as well-known for their trendy suburbs and flashy nightlife as they are their natural beauty. Although the country’s name means “borderland”, the Ukraine is rapidly coming into its own as a mature country of the region.

While the whole population speaks Ukrainian, East Ukrainians are also likely to speak Russian given their proximity – and, in cases, agitation to secede – to their former mother-nation. WorldTVRadio streams radio and TV channels in both Ukrainian and Russian on both a live and on demand basis.

WorldTVRadio sources radio and TV channels from the capital Kiev and various other cities, streaming content to you anywhere in the world. Our channels keep you up to date with all facets of the country, and include 24 TV (News and Talk), Radio Mix 107.3 FM (Rock and Pop), and Nezalezhnist Radio (General Russian Station).

You don’t have to dance like a Cossack to get attuned to the latest developments out of the Ukraine. WorldTVRadio Tuner’s streaming services for radio and TV are free and accessible worldwide, bringing you the latest content straight from the country. When it comes to Ukrainian news and music, WorldTVRadio has you covered and up to date.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Ukraine


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
24 TVTVKiev1100Ukranian
CNL SiberiaTVKiev273Ukranian
Europa 107 FMRadioKiev64Russian
Europa Plus 95.6 FMRadioKiev64Russian
Kultura TVTVKiev350Ukranian
Megasport TVTVKiev110Ukranian
Nase Radio 107.9 FMRadioKiev32Russian
Nezalezhnist RadioRadioL'viv16Russian
O TV MusicTVKiev150Ukranian
Radio Mix 107.3 FMRadioDnepropetrovsk56Russian
Radio Renessans 96.8 FMRadioKiev128Russian
Radio Shanson 101.9 FMRadioKiev128Russian
Radio Stolitsa 105.5 FMRadioKiev24Russian
Radio Ukraine InternationalRadioKiev16Multilanguage
Radio Ukraine International First ChannelRadioKiev16Ukranian
Radio Ukraine International Third ChannelRadioKiev16Russian
UKRSat TVTVKiev80Ukranian
UTR TVTVKiev440Ukranian
UTR TV AmericasTVKiev440Ukranian
UTR TV EurasiaTVKiev440Ukranian

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