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Spicy food. Tranquil lifestyles. Glistening beaches. Bustling cities. Ranging rice fields. All of these concepts and more describe Thailand. Tourists travel to the country for typical Western relaxation and recreation activities, including biking, hiking, shopping, and sightseeing. In Bangkok, tremendous shopping markets and buildings rise around its citizens, while in Chiang Mai, art and cooking make the city famous. Mountain ranges, coastal towns, and pastoral settings make up the other parts of this truly unique land. The country is not without its political fractures. Thailand was known as Siam until the early 1900s. It had been led as a kingdom since the mid-14th century, but a peaceful change of leadership in 1932 led to a new rule under constitutional powers. Civil strife has exploded in recent years due to a military coup in 2006. Many Thai people have died as a result of violence between the government and separatists in the southern portion of the country. The conflicts are a strange contrast to the nature of Thai culture and the deeply-instilled religious values of its people. WorldRadioTV Tuner provides you insight into the country’s ongoings with a variety of channels, many of which broadcast in the Thai language. MCOT News Station 100.5 FM offers listeners live news and talk radio, while Radio Thailand Pattani 101 FM plays the latest Adult Contemporary programming for its audience. For online TV channels, RU Internet TV broadcasts out of Bangkok with general interest programming. Thai culture is on display through WorldRadioTV Tuner. Join in the community now.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Thailand



Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
101 INN News ChannelRadioBangkok20Thai
103.5 FM OneRadioBangkok20Thai
11 NewsTVBangkok102Thai
89 Banana FMRadioBangkok32Thai
ASTV NewsTVBangkok450Thai
BB Pop RadioRadioBangkok128Thai
Channel 11TVBangkok50Thai
Chiangrai RadioRadioBangkok20Thai
Chic ChannelTVBangkok200Thai
Cool 93.0 FMRadioBangkok20Thai
DMC TVTVBangkok450Thai
DMC TV Stream 2TVBangkok450Thai
E 94 FMRadioBangkok32Thai
Faikham Internet Radio RU Channel 2RadioBangkok56Thai
Faikham Internet TVTVBangkok185Thai
Fat Radio 104.5 FMRadioBangkok32Thai
FM TV KhonkaenRadioBangkok32Thai
Get Radio 102.5 FMRadioBangkok32Thai
Green Wave 106.5 FMRadioBangkok32Thai
Hip TVTVBangkok273Thai
Hot Wave 91.5 FMRadioBangkok32Thai
I TVTVBangkok50Thai
KE TVTVBangkok343Thai
Latte 106 FMRadioBangkok22Thai
Max 88.5 FMRadioBangkok128Thai
MCOT 1TVBangkok1000Multilanguage
MCOT 2TVBangkok1000Multilanguage
MCOT MET 107 FMRadioBangkok22Thai
MCOT Modern Radio 95 FMRadioBangkok22Thai
MCOT News 24TVBangkok1000Multilanguage
MCOT News Station 100.5 FMRadioBangkok22Thai
MCOT Radio 100.5 FMRadioBangkok22Thai
MCOT Seed 97.5 FMRadioBangkok22Thai
MCOT Sport Radio 99 FMRadioBangkok22Thai
MCOT Thinking Radio 96.5 FMRadioBangkok22Thai
ModerNine TV Channel 9TVBangkok512Thai
MV1 TVTVBangkok232Thai
MV2 TVTVBangkok232Thai
MV3 TVTVBangkok232Thai
Nakhonsi Internet RadioRadioBangkok64Thai
Nation ChannelTVBangkok512Thai
Nation RadioRadioBangkok32Thai
Radio ChaiyaphumRadioBangkok20Thai
Radio Krabi 98.5 FMRadioBangkok24Thai
Radio NBT Chumphon 100 FMRadioBangkok24Thai
Radio Phetchaburi 95.7 FMRadioBangkok48Thai
Radio Phuket 96.7 FMRadioBangkok40Thai
Radio Surat 93.5 FMRadioBangkok20Thai
Radio Surat 97 FMRadioBangkok24Thai
Radio Thailand 101.2 FMRadioBangkok24Thai

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