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Switzerland represents influences of Italy, France, and Germany while retaining its own unique character. Though Germany is the official language and is spoken by 63.7% of people, French, Italian, Serbo-Croatian, and others, including English, are prominent as well. And there is plenty to talk about. Sweeping mountains and gorgeous lakes have created a sports haven for all seasons. The German and Italian influences has seeped into the food, providing locals and travelers with a great reason to take a rest from the slopes. Major cities like Zurich, Geneva, and Basel offer the best of European art, commerce, and social activities. Internationally, Switzerland’s long-standing commitment to neutrality is well-known. An earlier form of the government, the Swiss Confederation, was once part of the Holy Roman Empire in the 1400s, but by the 1800s, the confederation had been replaced by the current federal system. The country’s political and economic stability has helped ensure that its people can continue to share and enjoy the Swiss way of life. WorldTVRadio Tuner gives you access to an assortment of content in the languages that make up Switzerland’s varied culture. Capital FM 97.7 FM blasts Classic Rock music to listeners from the city of Bern. You can tune in with free Internet radio for favorites from the recent past, and the entire broadcast is German. If you prefer French, Couleur 3 100.1 FM plays live alternative music to the online audience. And the city of Lugano’s own Radio 3iii offers the latest Adult Contemporary program, specializing in audiences that prefer Italian broadcasts. Get your fix for multilingual programming from Switzerland now from WorldTVRadio Tuner.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Switzerland


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Blu Win Wetter TVTVZurich250German
Capital FM 97.7 FMRadioBern64German
Couleur 3 100.1 FMRadioLausanne32French
Espace 2RadioGeneve32French
Frecuence Banane 92.4 FMRadioLausanne137French
H1 TVTVHittnauer500German
Ischers Radio Vibration 99.7 FMRadioSierre128German
Kanal K 107.9 FMRadioAarau128German
La 1ereRadioGeneve32French
Lausanne 103.3 FMRadioLausanne128French
Leman Bleu TVTVZurich540French
Lounge RadioRadioZurich65English
LuNe 91.2 FMRadioNeuchatel128French
Meyrin 99.0 FMRadioGeneve128French
One FM 107.0RadioGeneve128French
Option MusiqueRadioGeneve32French
Parlament - NationalratTVZurich200German
Parlament - StänderatTVZurich200German
Power Radio Europe 95.6 FMRadioMellingen128German
Radio 24 102.8 FMRadioZurich128German
Radio 32RadioSolothurn64German
Radio 32 GoldiesRadioSolothurn64German
Radio 3FACHRadioLuzern128German
Radio 3iiiRadioLugano64Italian
Radio Aktuell 91.8 FMRadioWil64German
Radio Argovia 90.3 FMRadioBrugge128German
Radio Basel 1 101.7 FMRadioBasel64German
Radio Basilisk 107.6 FMRadioBasel128German
Radio BE1 101.7 FMRadioBern128German
Radio BeO Berner Oberland 96.8 FMRadioInterlaken64German
Radio Central 95.2 FMRadioBrunnen128German
Radio Demokratski BalkanRadioZurich96German
Radio DRS 1RadioZurich48German
Radio DRS 2RadioZurich48German
Radio DRS 3RadioZurich48German
Radio DRS MusigwalleRadioZurich48German
Radio DRS VirusRadioZurich48German
Radio Emme 106.0 FMRadioLangnau64German
Radio Eviva 95.2 FMRadioZurich64German
Radio Fiume TicinoRadioPianezzo128Italian
Radio FreiburgRadioFreiburg128French
Radio Fribourg 89.4 FMRadioFribourg128French
Radio Grischa 107 FMRadioChur128German
Radio Jazz InternationalRadioCrissier128French
Radio Lac 91.8 FMRadioGeneve196French
Radio Lora 97.5 FMRadioZurich56German
Radio RaBe 95.6 FMRadioBern128German
Radio Ri 91.8 FMRadioBuchs40German
Radio Rottu Oberwallis 102.2 FMRadioVisp64German
Radio Schaffhauser Alternative 107.2 FMRadioSchaffhausen56German

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