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Sweden is one of several countries that make up Scandanavia, a region in the north of Europe that extends as far as the Arctic Circle. However, the cool temperatures and location of Sweden produce phenomena year-round for travelers and locals alike. In the summer months, light from the sun can be seen for twenty four hours a day (Scandanavians call this the “midnight sun”.) Snow in Sweden creates a winter culture unlike any other, but seasonal opportunity reveals bright green fields, deep forests, and crystal-clear waters. Sweden is a modern country that participates in the European Union and manages a stable economy. For almost 200 years, it has remained absent from any armed conflict. This betrays the country’s past, which is heavily influenced by Vikings who pillaged their way across Europe and whose impact lingers in the architecture and historical sites throughout Sweden. Cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg go in tandem with pastoral fields, large stone graves, and Viking burial grounds. And the modern vibe that has taken root in Swedish culture has created products and brands known throughout the world. Take part in the Swedish lifestyle by connecting through WorldTVRadio Tuner. Bandit Rock 106.3 FM plays the best of rock and pop music. The free Internet radio station, based out of Stockholm, streams live content to you. For a change of pace, you can take in Adult Contemporary content from Rix 104.2 FM, a Swedish language channel from the city of Umea. And television content extends its reach worldwide with GloryNet TV, offering faith-based programming to viewers with a live feed. See and hear it all with your best way to connect with the world, WorldTVRadio Tuner.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Sweden


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Bandit Rock 106.3 FMRadioStockholm96Swedish
Big TVTVStockholm314Swedish
Canal 7TVStockholm240Swedish
DKNet TVTVStockholm310Swedish
Dornet TVTVStockholm300Swedish
Dorotea TVTVLepland755Swedish
Gayradion 95.3 FMRadioStockholm32Swedish
GloryNet TVTVStockholm300English
Iran On Air RadioRadioStockholm24Multilanguage
Kanal 10TVStockholm560Swedish
Mix MegapolRadioStockholm58Swedish
MRS 90 1/2 90.5 FMRadioStockholm128Swedish
NRJ Sverige 105.1 FMRadioStockholm48Swedish
Radio Active 103.9 FMRadioStockholm128Swedish
Radio AF 99.1 FMRadioLunds16Swedish
Radio City 106.5 FMRadioStockholm16Swedish
Radio Cordillera 89.0 FMRadioNorkoping128Spanish
Radio Falkoping 90.8 FMRadioFalkoping64Swedish
Radio Guld 106.6 FMRadioSundsvall128Swedish
Radio Lugna FavoriterRadioStockholm48Swedish
Radio Smyrna 94.9 FMRadioGoteborg48Multilanguage
Radio Tolou 102.6 FMRadioGoteborg48Multilanguage
Rix 104.2 FMRadioUmea48Swedish
Rock Klassiker 106.7 FMRadioStockholm48Swedish
Soundic RadioRadioWebcast128Swedish
SR c ett ljudmagasinRadioStockholm96Swedish
SR Din Gata 100.6 FMRadioStockholm96Swedish
SR Klassiskt MelodiradioRadioStockholm96Swedish
SR MinnenRadioStockholm96Swedish
SR MozartRadioStockholm96Swedish
SR P1RadioStockholm64Swedish
SR P2 MusikRadioStockholm96Swedish
SR P3RadioStockholm96Swedish
SR P3 RocksterRadioStockholm96Swedish
SR P3 StarRadioStockholm96Swedish
SR P3 StreetRadioStockholm96Swedish
SR P3 SveaRadioStockholm96Swedish
SR P4 BlekingeRadioBeklinge96Swedish
SR P4 DalarnaRadioDalarna96Swedish
SR P4 GavleborgRadioGavleborg96Swedish
SR P4 GoteborgRadioGoteborg96Swedish
SR P4 GotlandRadioGotland96Swedish
SR P4 HallandRadioHalland96Swedish
SR P4 JamtlandRadioJamtland96Swedish
SR P4 JonkopingRadioJonkoping96Swedish
SR P4 KalmarRadioKalmar96Swedish
SR P4 KristianstadRadioKristianstad96Swedish
SR P4 KronobergRadioKronoberg96Swedish
SR P4 MalmoRadioMalmo96Swedish
SR P4 NorrbottenRadioNorrbotten96Swedish

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