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From ancient times to the present, Sri Lanka is a land of dramatic conflict and beauty. The country offers incredible beaches and jungles to explore, and visitors there take advantage of activities like scuba diving, wildlife viewing, and touring ancient cities. Over 20 million people live on this island, which is located close to the Indian mainland. Sinhalese is the official language, but Tamil and English are commonly spoken there. Sri Lanka owes its architecture and linguistic quirks to a history of external influence and control. Five hundred years before the Common Era, the first Sinhalese came to Sri Lanka and created the cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. Indian, Portuguese, and British rule would follow over the next two millennia.  In 1948, the country achieved independent rule. The present-day government has faced Tamil separatists in armed conflict since the early 1980s, though Sri Lanka declared its victory over those forces in May 2009. Northern Sri Lanka has suffered tremendous damage as a result of the fighting. You can get details about Sri Lanka’s current events, culture, and development with WorldTVRadio Tuner. Sirasa TV News out of Colombo is a Sinhalese language channel. It offers viewers on-demand news and talk content. Also, you can tune into Sri Lanka Radio Classical Channel for a change of pace. The station broadcasts traditional ethnic music. For more modern fare, online TV channels like MTV News provides English language news and talk programming. Check out the best content from all over Sri Lanka now through WorldTVRadio Tuner.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Sri Lanka


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Ahamu Sinhala Internet RadioRadioWebcast23Sinhala
City FMRadioColombo64Sinhala
J9 RadioRadioWebcast128Sinhala
MTV News Channel OneTVColombo56English
Nilwala RadioRadioWebcast128Sinhala
Radio 94 Sinhala WebcastRadioWebcast128Sinhala
Shakthi FM RadioRadioColombo12Tamil
Shakthi TV NewsTVColombo56Sinhala
Sinhala National ServiceRadioColombo32Sinhala
Sirasa TV NewsTVColombo56Sinhala
Sri Lanka Radio Classical ChannelRadioWebcast128Sinhala
Sri Lanka Radio Contemporary ChannelRadioWebcast128Sinhala
Sri Lanka Radio DJ/Remix ChannelRadioWebcast128Sinhala
Sri Lanka Radio Non-Stop ChannelRadioWebcast128Sinhala
Swarnahini TVTVColombo70Sinhala
SyberViduliya Internet RadioRadioWebcast64Sinhala
Tamil National ServiceRadioColombo64Tamil
Tamilan TVTVColombo56Sinhala
Yes 89.5 FMRadioColombo10English

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