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Those who only know Spain for bull-fighting and paella will be in for a cultural adventure with WorldTVRadio Tuner. Spain’s empire of the 16th and 17th centuries spanned the globe until the rise of England and the industrial revolution. Still, today’s Spain has not forsaken its rich heritage or the many influences that touched its landscape. Roman architecture mingles with Islamic-influenced structures in major cities. The Catholic nature of the country’s religious leanings meets modern design in church buildings. And art abounds in centers such as Madrid and Barcelona. This is to say nothing of everyday life in Spain. Beautiful beaches, bar-side appetizers, and glasses of sangria are only part of what Spaniards experience, and the mystery and excitement of the nightlife provides a whole world of unexpected opportunity. Large cities with hundreds of years of history dot the country, connected by smaller towns and villages with their own stories to tell and cultures to share. WorldTVRadio Tuner is your portal to life in Spain with over 300 radio and television channels from which you can choose. A3 Noticias 24 is one of several online TV channels that offers the latest news and talk from Madrid. The channel covers all the day’s events as well as pop culture from Spain and beyond. ATEI Television is another Spanish language channel out of Madrid, providing content dealing with culture and heritage. And Comradio 88.2 FM gives radio listeners news and talk programming in Catalan (a co-official language of Spanish in some of the country’s territories). Check out the latest from Spain with WorldTVRadio Tuner.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Spain


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
40 Principales SpainRadioMadrid16Spanish
A3 Noticias 24TVMadrid350Spanish
AMC Radio 5 96.3 FMRadioMurcia64Spanish
Andalucia TVTVAndalucia45Spanish
Antena 6 89.4 FMRadioMadrid40Spanish
Aragon RadioRadioZaragoza32Spanish
ATEI RadioRadioMadrid20Spanish
ATEI TelevisionTVMadrid100Spanish
AVM Radio 108.0 FMRadioTorrelles de Llobregat24Spanish
Barcelona TVTVBarcelona320Spanish
Bloomberg TV SpainTVMadrid700Spanish
Boca Radio 90.1 FMRadioBarcelona36Catalan
BPV Radio 95.7 FMRadioCuevas de Almanzora24Spanish
Buzz 88.8 FMRadioLanzarote32English
Cadena 100RadioMadrid16Spanish
Cadena Cope Asturias 90.7 FMRadioAsturias20Spanish
Cadena DialRadioMadrid16Spanish
Cadena Digital Malaga 97.8 FMRadioMalaga128Spanish
Cadena Max 103.0 FMRadioMadrid20Spanish
Cadena SerRadioMadrid10Spanish
Canal 29 ValladolidTVValladolid160Spanish
Canal 7 TVTVMadrid370Spanish
Canal Blau 100.5 FMRadioVilanova I la Geltru40Catalan
Canal CastelloTVCastellon135Spanish
Canal del ParlamentoTVMadrid220Spanish
Canal Latino TVTVBarcelona112Spanish
Canal TeTVAmposta125Catalan
Canal Telde Radio 106.2 FMRadioTelde20Spanish
Canarias Ahora Radio 96.5 FMRadioLas Palmas32Spanish
Cancionero Radio 104.5 FMRadioBaena20Spanish
Candela Radio 91.4 FMRadioBilbao20Spanish
Candil Radio 87.6 FMRadioHuercal de Almeria24Spanish
Cauro FMRadioBilbao20Spanish
Ceuta TelevisionTVCeuta150Spanish
City Radio 97.5 FMRadioMadrid20Spanish
Comradio 88.2 FMRadioBarcelona32Catalan
Cope Asturias 90.7 FMRadioOviedo20Spanish
COPE Sierra Norte 98.0 FMRadioVillanueva24Spanish
Costa Dulce Radio 106.3 FMRadioOrellana La Vieja24Spanish
CRN TV Canal Regional de NoticiasTVMadrid330Spanish
Ecuatoriana 94.8 FMRadioMadrid20Spanish
EiTB IrratiaRadioDonostia20Basque
El Independiente de CanariasTVLas Palmas250Spanish
El Prat Radio 91.6 FMRadioEl Prat de Llobregat24Catalan
Emision Digital 80sRadioWebcast128Spanish
Emision Digital 90sRadioWebcast128Spanish
Emision Digital Bandas SonorasRadioWebcast128Spanish
Emision Digital BluesRadioWebcast128Spanish
Emision Digital Canal DJsRadioWebcast128Spanish

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