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Slovenia’s transformation from a tiny republic of former Yugoslavia into a burgeoning democracy is taking place before the eyes of the world. But the political stability and economic security that have taken hold in the country take a backstage to the generosity of its people and its incredible natural resources. Though it is situated in Eastern Europe, Slovenia’s ties to Western Europe have resulted in a diversity of art and construction. Historical palaces, castles, and churches are spread throughout the country. However, architecture is only one of the attractions. The varying temperatures from one part of Slovenia to the other have led to wildly different climates and agriculture. Despite the small size of its territory, the country’s setting includes beaches, mountains, and plains, and sunflowers spring up throughout the green countryside in between. Slovenia’s lands provide access to the Adriatic Sea and the Alps, and as a consequence, its people take advantage of both water and snow sports. The spirit and outgoing nature of Slovenians is all the more significant now that the country is forming its own independent identity. The vast majority of the country’s residents speak Slovenian, and the remainder generally speak Serbo-Croatian. WorldTVRadio Tuner provides over 30 radio and television channels from Slovenia. It offers the latest Slovenian language programming from stations like Koroski 97.2 FM based out of Nedelja, which streams live content to its listeners through free Internet radio. Play TV is another Slovenian language channel, giving viewers access to live music programming. And for English language content, listeners can tune into Libra Radio, a station located in Maribor that provides a Gypsy-style webcast. Get it all now with WorldTVRadio Tuner.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Slovenia


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Koroski Radio 97.2 FMRadioNedelja56Slovenian
Libra RadioRadioMaribor40English
Moj RadioRadioValenje56Slovenian
Paprika TVTVLjubljana330Slovenian
Play TVTVWebcast1000Slovenian
Radio Belvi 90.3 FMRadioKranj96Slovenian
Radio Center 102.4 FMRadioLjubljana112Slovenian
Radio Center 103.7 FMRadioMaribor112Slovenian
Radio Dur 103.4 FMRadioMedvode64Slovenian
Radio Ekspres 106.4 FMRadioLjubljana112Slovenian
Radio FantasyRadioCelje56Slovenian
Radio Geoss 89.7 FMRadioLjubljana40Slovenian
Radio HitRadioDomzale96Slovenian
Radio Koper Prvi ProgramRadioLjubljana46Slovenian
Radio Kranj 97.3 FMRadioKranj128Slovenian
Radio Krka 106.6 FMRadioNovo Mesto44Slovenian
Radio Mars 95.9 FMRadioMaribor128Slovenian
Radio Morje 88.3 FMRadioCapodistria96Slovenian
Radio OdmevRadioCerkno80Slovenian
Radio Ptuj 89.8 FMRadioPtuj96Slovenian
Radio Slovenija A1 Prvi programRadioLjubljana32Slovenian
Radio Slovenija RSIRadioLjubljana58Slovenian
Radio Slovenija Val 202RadioLjubljana32Slovenian
Radio Sora 91.1 FMRadioSkofja Loka112Slovenian
Radio Stajerski 93.7 FMRadioPonedeljek56Slovenian
Radio StudentRadioLjubljana56Slovenian
Radio Zeleni Val 93.1 FMRadioGrosuplje80Slovenian
TV Koper CapodistriaTVCapodistria450Slovenian
TV Koper CapodistriaTVKoper-Capodistria225Slovenian
TV PikaTVLjubljana307Slovenian
TV Slo 1TVLjubljana350Slovenian
TV Slovenija NoviceTVLjubljana121Slovenian
TV Slovenija PorocilaTVLjubljana121Slovenian

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