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Many people forget what an interesting country Serbia can beómonasteries for peace and quiet that are hidden in the hills, and a night life that canít be beat.  Taking advantage of WorldTVRadio Tunerís Radio Beograd 1 will aid any new traveler to Serbia in finding exactly what they wantóin many different ways.  Information about national travel for anyone to follow the infrastructure of Serbia, including the flat plains of Vojvodina can be found here.  If it is economic and political updates that the listener is wanting, then Radio Beograd 1 is also the place to turn to.

Cultural information for those interested in the arts and crafts world is constantly fed to the world on WorldTVRadio Tunerís Radio Beograd 2.   Classically inclined listeners will be pleased to hear a music lineup that is along the lines of very old music, but still regional.  Finding out about the happenings at the music festival in Novi Sod is something that worldwide listeners will be happy to hear it as well with a simple point and click. 

Learning about current entertainment news, and keeping up with talk shows from WorldTVRadio Tunerís Radio Beograd 202 is easy to do.  Not only that, but with a Top 40 format of songs to play, the younger generation can definitely enjoy this station.  Keeping in touch with the sports scene in places like Zlatibor and Kopaonik is also an upbeat thing hereóand with information about upcoming concerts, younger listeners tend to tune in more to WorldTVRadio Tunerís Radio Beograd 202.  Live streaming radio found on the Internet is a wonderful thingówhy not try it?

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Serbia


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
B-92 TVTVBelgrade100Serbian
Kanal D TVTVBelgrade100Serbian
Radio Beograd 1RadioBelgrade32Serbian
Radio Beograd 2RadioBelgrade32Serbian
Radio Beograd 202RadioBelgrade45Serbian
RTS TV 1 Radio Televizija Srbije 1TVBelgrade150Serbian
RTS TV 2 Radio Televizija Srbije 2TVBelgrade150Serbian
RTV PinkTVBelgrade300Serbian

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