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Traveling to Romania is like traveling to a different time. Even in more modern cities where horse-drawn buggies travel side by side with modern automobiles and on the vast mountain landscape where sheep herders and farmers can be spotted on the horizon the country atmosphere of Romania is as prominent as it’s history of Transylvania and Dracula, which draws thousands of tourists every year. If you are looking for information about Romania and its people, WorldTVRadio Tuner brings you the best of Romanian tV and Radio free to your home computer.

From the capital city of Bucharest to Targoviste and Valcea, WorldTVRadio Tuner offers 20 premium Romanian and Multi-lingual radio stations from across the country that provide an insight into what is considered popular music by the Romanian people.

From adult contemporary tunes on Radio Bucaresti to top 40 music on WYLFM Radio Activitate 88.7FM and Radio GaGa, WorldTVRadio Tuner offers the very best of what’s popular in Romania streaming free to your home. You can even listen to local hard rock favorites on Radio 3 NET, which streams direct form Bucharest.
WorldTVRadio Tuner also offers a great selection of Romanian TV stations so you can get a first-hand look at what the people of Romania are watching.

From general television stations, including Mega TV, Arena TV and Antenna 1 TV, which offer news and local Romanian programming to music and videos on Party TV and Romanian movie favorites on Alfa Omega Movies, WorldTVRadio Tuner will help you keep up with the country of Romania and its people.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Romania


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Alfa Omega Crestin TVTVBucuresti200Romanian
Alfa Omega MoviesTVBucuresti200Romanian
Alfa Omega TVTVBucuresti352Romanian
Alfa Omega Youth TVTVBucuresti300Romanian
Antena 1 TVTVBucuresti363Romanian
Antena 3 TVTVBucuresti376Romanian
Arena TVTVWebcast440Romanian
Credo TVTVWebcast300Romanian
DDTV Digital Direct TVTVBucuresti250Romanian
Mega TVTVBraila150Romanian
O TV Oglinda TelevisionTVBucuresti250Romanian
Party TVTVBucuresti250Romanian
Pratech TVTVBucuresti300Romanian
Prima Radio 87.9 FMRadioWebcast24Romanian
Radio 3 NetRadioBucharest128Romanian
Radio Brasov 87.8 FMRadioBrasov56Romanian
Radio BucarestiRadioBucharest20Romanian
Radio Cluj 95.6 FMRadioBucharest32Romanian
Radio Dor De TaraRadioBucharest64Romanian
Radio GaGa 88 FMRadioBucharest96Romanian
Radio Guerrilla 94.8 FMRadioBucharest64Romanian
Radio Iasi 96.3 FMRadioLasi20Romanian
Radio Metronom 89 FMRadioValcea24Romanian
Radio Minisat 98.5 FMRadioTargoviste128Romanian
Radio Puls 94.7 FMRadioTargoviste48Romanian
Radio Romantic 101.9 FMRadioBucharest128Romanian
Radio Total 96.9 FMRadioBucharest128Romanian
Radio Webcast MediaRadioWebcast56Romanian
Realitatea TVTVBucuresti262Romanian
RFI Romania 93.5 FMRadioBucharest32Romanian
Romusic TVTVBucuresti200Romanian
RRI Radio Romania International Channel 1RadioBucharest16Multilanguage
RRI Radio Romania International Channel 2RadioBucharest16Multilanguage
RRI Radio Romania International Channel 3RadioBucharest16Multilanguage
Speranta TVTVBucuresti500Romanian
Szatmar TVTVSzatmar500Romanian
The Money ChannelTVBucuresti400Romanian
TVR InternationalTVBucuresti150Romanian
WYLFM Radio Activitate 88.7 FMRadioTargoviste128Romanian

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