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The Republic of Philippines in the western Pacific Ocean, a country in Southeast Asia, is an archipelago of 7,107 islands grouped into three geographic regions, Luzon,  Visayas, and Mindanao. In the southwest,  the Sulu Sea separates it from the island of Borneo; in the south, the Celebes Sea separates it from the islands of Indonesia; and in the east lies the Philippine Sea.  Manila is the capital city.  The Philippines holds the dubious reputation of being the 12th most populous country in the world, with a population estimated at 92 million.  The population consists of numerous and diverse ethnic groups and cultural influences.  Ethnically, the early Negritos were followed by Austronesian people, who introduced traits from Islamic, Hindu, and Malay cultures.  Chinese traders then introduced Chinese culture.  In 1521, Ferdinand Magellan, brought in Spanish influence and eventual dominance.  Christianity now became the prevailing faith.  During the second world war, Japan conquered it, then lost it to the United States.  After the war, the Philippines got their independence from the United States and continued speaking English and staying interested in Western culture.  WorldTVRadio Tuner for Philippines has five television and 26 radio stations broadcasting in English and Pilipino.  On television, you can watch an extensive variety of educational and entertainment shows.  All are in English from Manila.  On radio, you can listen to political, economic, religious and cultural talk shows, as well as news and music broadcast from a wide assortment of stations.  English and Pilipino speakers  will enjoy WorldTVRadio Tuner Philippine television and radio stations for a wide range of talk shows, news and popular music.  Most are from the capital city of Manila, but there are also radio broadcasts from Dagupan, Bacold, Cebu, and Davao.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Philippines


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
104.7 iFM DagupanRadioDagupan138English
93.9 iFMRadioManila32English
Ang Dating Daan TVTVManila104English
DWCM 1161 AMRadioManila32Pilipino
DWIZ 882 AMRadioManila20Pilipino
DWRT 99.5 RTRadioManila20English
DZAR Sonshine Radio 1026 AMRadioManila20Pilipino
DZBB Radio 594 AMRadioManila16Pilipino
DZEC 1062 AMRadioManila24English
DZRB 738 AMRadioManila20Pilipino
DZRH Radio AMRadioManila20Pilipino
DZRJ RJ 100.3 FMRadioManila32Pilipino
Energy 89.1 FMRadioManila32English
Energy 90.3 FMRadioManila32English
ESPN Star Stream 1TVManila273English
ESPN Star Stream 2TVManila273English
Home Radio 97.9 FMRadioManila32English
iRadio ManilaRadioWebcast32Pilipino
Jam 88.3 FMRadioManila32Pilipino
Mareco BacoldRadioBacold32English
Mareco CebuRadioCebu32English
Mareco QC CDRadioManila48English
Mareco QC FMRadioManila32English
Mix 105.9 FMRadioDavao32Pilipino
Monster Radio RX 93.1 FMRadioManila32English
NU 107.5 FMRadioManila32English
Radyo NatinRadioManila32Pilipino
The Edge Radio 104.3 FMRadioWebcast32Pilipino
Truth CasterTVManila120English
UN TVTVManila100English
Wave 89.1 FMRadioManila32English

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