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Curled up on the outer edge of Saudi Arabia is the country of Oman, nestled between the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.  Keeping up with the number of controversial issues in a country this small, back packed with people can be difficult.  However, WorldTVRadio Tunerís Oman Radio, based in Muscat, is up to the task.  Tourism is beginning to build in this small country, with cruise ships docking on a daily basisóand tourists are beginning to discover the wonderful mountainside.  WorldTVRadio Tunerís Oman Radio can keep tourists and worldwide listeners up to date on the happenings in and around this sultanate. 

Care to find out what is happening right at the moment in Oman?  WorldTVRadio Tunerís Oman Radio can do that and still inform listeners about the religious events that are going on as well.  Looking for economic data about what the oil and gold prices are up to the minute, and how that can affect worldwide listenersí pocketbooks?  Tune into WorldTVRadio Tunerís Oman Radio for that, too.  Trying to please every listener is what Oman Radio aims for, and success is what it achieves.  

Sports information is kept up to date, with varied interests in golf, football, water sports and more.  Religious eventsówhich are very important in the daily life of the citizens of Omanóare woven into WorldTVRadio Tunerís Oman Radio live stream broadcasting every day.  Visits, and addresses by the sultan and his family are also announced to the more than three million Omani citizens.  No matter the location globally, anyone can tune into WorldTVRadio Tunerís Oman Radio and relax to regional music, information and news!

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Oman


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Oman RadioRadioMuscat12Arabic
Oman TVTVMuscat56Arabic

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