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To call Nigeria infamous would be something of an understatement. Despite its political, economic and cultural dominance over West Africa, Nigeria is more well-known for its poverty-stricken communities, criminal warfare and those notorious email scams from alleged princes down on their luck. These social problems mask a diversity and richness of life not uncommon in African nations, ranging from the ancient kingdoms of the South which continue their traditional routines to conservationists in the North and Muslim traders along the old Saharan caravan routes. An ever-increasing wealth gap between citizens in the cities is cause for concern, with tensions often bubbling over into civil conflict. However, the population remains lively, exuberant and welcoming of foreigners on the whole.

Nigerians speak mainly English thanks to the British colonial influence on the region, with other languages like Hausa, Igbo and Edo spoken in various parts of the country. Our variety of streaming radio and TV channels are broadcast in English out of Nigeria’s main tourist and economic hub, Lagos.

We offer many different radio and TV channels, covering the full scope of audience interests and content from Nigeria. WorldTVRadio Tuner’s channels include Radio Abeokuta (Folklore), Radio Palmwine Afro Hip-Hop Channel (Hip-Hop), and the somewhat deceptively-named Loveworld TV (Religious).

If you’re and English-speaker bored of listening to the same old local media, why not get a taste of Nigerian content instead? WorldTVRadio Tuner streams both live and on demand content straight to you at no cost, bringing you the latest music and programs out of Nigeria wherever you are in the world. Whether it be folktales or feet-moving tunes, we’ve got all the latest out of Nigeria.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Nigeria


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Emmanuel TVTVLagos300English
Loveworld TVTVLagos150English
Radio AbeokutaRadioLagos24English
Radiom Palmwine Afro Hip-Hop ChannelRadioLagos24English
Radiom Palmwine Igbo ChannelRadioLagos24English
Radiom Palmwine RPW Mixed ChannelRadioLagos24English
Radiom Palmwine RPW Yoruba ChannelRadioLagos24English

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