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Known as the “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes”, Nicaragua has a reputation for passion – and not only of the geographical sort. The country is famous for its poetic tradition, being the birthplace of such poets as Ruben Dario and Alfonso Cortes as well as a well-recognized international poetry festival in Granada. It’s also famous for the Contra War, the bloody civil war between revolutionaries and the Government which ended almost fifteen years ago (and leaves Nicaragua as one of the safest countries in South America). Yet the natural beauty of the place is ever-apparent, including mountains, rainforests and the capital’s lake, Lago de Managua, out of which rises the imposing Volcan Concepcion. Nicaragua is a country of fierce beauty and a fierce human spirit – reasons enough for interest.

Spanish is spoken by Nicaraguans as their official language, with WorldTVRadio Tuner streaming a number of radio and TV channels in the language. We source all our channels direct from the Nicaraguan capital city of Managua.
Our range of live and on demand radio and TV channels covers a broad scope of programming and content for Spanish-speakers. WorldTVRadio Tuner’s channels from Nicaragua include Canal 2 TV (General station), Radio La Nueva Ya 600 FM (Oldies), and Radio Pirata 99.9 FM (Rock and Pop).

Whether you’re interested in perfecting your Spanish or have a mind to travel there one day, you can learn a bit more about the real Nicaragua through our streaming radio and TV channels. You can stream from anywhere in the world, and there’s none of the cost associated with satellite or cable TV. When it comes to content from Nicaragua, we’ve got all the bases covered.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Nicaragua


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Canal 2TVManagua102Spanish
Radio Corporacion 540 AMRadioManagua24Spanish
Radio La Nueva Ya 600 AMRadioManagua32Spanish
Radio Maria NicaraguaRadioManagua24Spanish
Radio Mi Voz 96.9 FMRadioManagua24Spanish
Radio Pirata 99.9 FMRadioManagua128Spanish
Telenica Canal 8TVManagua700Spanish

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