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The Netherlands is one of Europe‘s most enigmatic countries.  Here much of the land is below sea level.  It’s a flat land with no hills and valleys.  Most of this land has been taken from the sea itself.  For a small country, it’s compactly populated and refreshingly liberal.  The people here are the tallest in the world.  In this land of windmills, polders, and dykes, bicycles and cafes predominate.  It’s also a land of natural beauty--birds and fish, flowers and lush grass.  The colors are vivid, unique to this land below the sea.  It’s a place like no other on earth. Amsterdam echoes the romance of coffeehouses near canals.  The cities are a bike ride or a train ride away.  Maastricht, Delft, Leiden, Den Haag, and Rotterdam, to name but a few of the many cities, are close to each other in this small nation.  But the picturescque urban centers are not the only delights of the Netherlands.  The national parks, the peacefully grazing sheep, the bright lakes, the windswept beaches and the islands add to the enchantment of a land plucked out of a storybook.  WorldTVRadio Tuner for the Netherlands offer a huge variety of television and radio stations; for example, you can watch documentaries on Holland Doc TV, listen to disco music from Disco Freak, and play an air guitar as you listen to classic rock on Arrow Classic Rock.

WorldTVTuner gives Dutch speakers access to numerous television and radio programs  broadcasting live from Amsterdam, Aalburg, Vorden, The Hague, Baarn, and many other cities.  Whatever your interest, you’re likely to find it here.  Try it for free today.  Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for a wide variety of television and radio stations from the Netherlands.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Netherlands


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
101 TVTVWebcast500Dutch
3Voor12 AltRadioAmsterdam160Dutch
3Voor12 BMPRadioAmsterdam160Dutch
3Voor12 BruutRadioAmsterdam160Dutch
3Voor12 CentralRadioAmsterdam160Dutch
3Voor12 RootsRadioAmsterdam160Dutch
3Voor12 TegentonenRadioAmsterdam160Dutch
3Voor12 TV CentralTVAmsterdam800Dutch
3Voor12 TV On StageTVAmsterdam800Dutch
3Voor12 XLRadioAmsterdam160Dutch
538 Beach TVTVWebcast540Dutch
Aalburg 106.4 FMRadioAalburg196Dutch
Accent 106.2 FMRadioOldenzaal128Dutch
Achterhoek FMRadioVorden128Dutch
Arrow Classic RockRadioThe Hague32Dutch
Arrow Jazz 90.7 FMRadioThe Hague32Dutch
Astra FMRadioWebcast128Dutch
AT5 TVTVAmsterdam323Dutch
AVRO Back to the Old SchoolRadioAmsterdam128Dutch
AVRO Baroque around the ClockRadioAmsterdam96Dutch
AVRO Dier en Natuur TVTVAmsterdam800Dutch
AVRO Easy ListeningRadioAmsterdam128Dutch
AVRO FilmRadioAmsterdam96Dutch
AVRO Hilversum BestTVHilversum800Dutch
AVRO Klassiek: het beste van het besteRadioAmsterdam96Dutch
AVRO Museum TVTVAmsterdam800Dutch
AVRO Steenen Tijdperk FiftiesRadioAmsterdam96Dutch
AVRO Steenen Tijdperk SixtiesRadioAmsterdam128Dutch
AVRO Toppers van ToenRadioAmsterdam128Dutch
AVRO Ziel en ZaligheidRadioAmsterdam96Dutch
Baarn 105.5 FMRadioBaarn128Dutch
Beat 106.3 FMRadioHeiloo128Dutch
Berklestroom 106.1 FMRadioZutphen128Dutch
Blabaret RadioRadioWebcast128Dutch
Bloh Radio 96.0 FMRadioHilvarenbeek96Dutch
Boschtion TVTVDen Bosch755Dutch
Bosmeer 105.9 FMRadioBosmeer96Dutch
Caribbean 105.5 FMRadioAmsterdam32Dutch
Ceasar RadioRadioWebcast128Dutch
City FM Classic RockRadioAmsterdam128Dutch
Classic 90.7 FMRadioBussum138Dutch
Columbia Radio FMRadioWebcast192Dutch
Consumenten TVTVAmsterdam800Dutch
Costa HolandaRadioWebcast64Dutch
Counterpoint FMRadioWebcast128Dutch
Cultura TVTVAmsterdam800Dutch
Damn FMRadioWebcast128Dutch

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