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Hiking across the breath-taking scenery of Kalaw, back-packers can see what others before them have seen—the best place in Myanmar to go for a trek, and sweet little villages.   Tuning into the WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Yangon City 89 FM radio station for weather hints, listeners are able to find out more about the villagers that live at the edge of that beautiful scenery.   Trying to discover more about the Shan people who live there, and the Inle Lake nearby, hikers and campers will be astounded at the beautiful things that await them.  Surrounded by mountains, a picturesque lake ripe for fishing and boating available visitors are continually amazed.

Economic data and political information for all of Myanmar, as well as the world are available to listeners on WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Yangon City 89 FM.  Staying on top of what every other nation in the world is doing is vital to this nation of nearly fifty million people.  While the political hubbub goes on in Naypyidaw, the actual capital of Myanmar, most everyone else follows the trail to Yangon—where the nightlife is real, and the cultural life is in full swing.  Pointing and clicking onto the live-streamed WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Yangon City 89 FM will ensure that anyone, anywhere in the world, will be able to keep up with that night life, the culture and sports as well.

Listening to the soft meditative music play over WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Yangon City 89 FM early in the morning as the mists rise with the sun over the dozens of temples around Bagan, listeners can imagine themselves there.  Seeing Buddhist statues that glow as the sun begins to smile, and the dewdrops start to dry in their minds’ eye.  Tune in, and enjoy WorldTVRadio Tuner’s radio stations wherever you are—you’ll be glad you did!

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Myanmar


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Yangon City 89 FMRadioYangon32Burmese

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