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After a series of devastating  volcanic eruptions razed the country’s urban development to the ground in 1995, Montserrat is still teetering on the edge of disappearance. The eruptions destroyed Plymouth, the capital city, turning its leafy suburbs to ash and pushing the tiny population out into the countryside. Today, new townships are being built in the Northern third of the island unscathed by the volcanoes, with around five thousand people now living in the once nearly-uninhabited area. Goatherds still roam the hills and valleys around Little Bay, the new centre of life for the Montserratians. It’s also interesting to note that, unlike lava, goat water is considered a delicacy by the Montserratian people.

English is the predominant language of the Montserratians, making tuning in to their media outlets a breeze for any Westerners looking to gain an insight into the happenings of this tiny island in the Caribbean. WorldTVRadio Tuner

streams radio content from the island in English.
We stream live radio music and programming content directly from Montserrat’s main radio station, ZJB Radio Montserrat. The station mainly plays Top 40 hits and countdowns with regular news updates, interviews and community programs on the latest goings-on in Montserrat’s redevelopment.

Once touted as the “original Caribbean experience”, the Montserratian struggle to rebuild and move on from the disastrous events of 1995 is now at the forefront of the national psyche. As redevelopment continues and the minute island re-emerges from the wreckage, you can keep track of the latest news and learn more about Montserrat’s people thanks to WorldTVRadio Tuner’s live streaming radio.

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ZJB Radio MonserratRadioMontserrat20English

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