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If you love food, you’ll want to go there. If you love the beach, you’ll want to go there. And if you’re a scuba-diving fanatic? You’ll probably already have been. The bustling tourist isle of Martinique remains a French overseas department (or DOM), but continues to hum with all the laidback pleasures of its Caribbean neighbours. The once volcanic island is blessed with fertile soils and many botanical delights: Martinique is famous for its flowers including the hibiscus, frangipani and bougainvillea, as well as its well-hiked mountains in the North. However, high fashion and fine dining are the main drawcards of Martinique, along with a budding nightlife scene to match.

Whether you’re fluent in French or just starting out, why not practise with the radio and TV stations of Martinique? Our WorldTVRadio Tuner streaming channels cover a vast range of programming and areas of interest from Martinique’s media outlets, all of which run in French (the official language of the country). With WorldTVRadio, you can get a taste of the Caribbean while improving your French, and all from the comfort of your living room.

WorldTVRadio Tuner’s broad spectrum of radio streaming channels provide live and on demand content straight from Martinique’s capital Fort-de-France. These channels include Dife Radio (Top 40 hits), Launge 97.2 FM (Religious Audio) and the famous news and talk show channel RFO Martinique (streamed live from the capital).

Whether you’re looking for a touch of the Caribbean or an improvement in your language skills, WorldTVRadio Tuner’s streaming coverage of Martinique has something for you. We’ve got the news, music and lifestyle content of Martinique covered and direct to you.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Martinique


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Dife RadioRadioFort-de-France128French
Dife RadioRadioFort-de-France128French
Launge 97.2 FMRadioFort-de-France20French
NRJ AntillesRadioFort-de-France64French
Radio Fusion FMRadioFort-de-France20French
Radio Sud Est 89.3 FMRadioFort-de-France48French
RBR 103.4 FMRadioFort-de-France128French
RCI 98.7 FMRadioFort-de-France64French
RFO MartiniqueRadioFort-de-France32French
RFO MartiniqueRadioFort-de-France32French

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