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It’s in the Mediterranean, but infusions of Arabic and North African culture lend to Malta a flourishing diversity unparalleled in the European nations that surround it. This is all the more impressive given Malta’s tiny size, only 316 square kilometres in total – it’s no wonder that the three islands that make up Malta are technically an outpost of Italy. For all its colonial history (previously under both British and Italian command), Malta has carved its way into a vibrant niche with its famously beautiful beaches, ancient architectural marvels and exciting cultural fiestas of fireworks and painted fishing boats.

The Maltese people speak both English and Maltese as their official languages, with Maltese having echoes of Arabic, Italian and even Sicilian in its sounds and phonetics. WorldTVRadio Tuner streams a diverse range of both radio and TV channels in Maltese, keeping you informed and in touch regardless of whether you’re an expatriate or just starting to learn the language.

Our streaming services source radio and TV content from Malta’s major cities like the capital Valletta, Paola and St George’s Bay. Both live and on demand services for a variety of interests can be accessed via WorldTVRadio Tuner. These include Bay 89.7 FM (Top 40), Di-Ve Net News TV (News and Talk), and Radju Marija Radio (Religious).

At once seaside resort paradise and independent nation steeped in culture and history, Malta is a place of surprising depth for anyone with even a fleeting interest in the region. With WorldTVRadio Tuner’s free streaming channels, you can stay in touch and up to date with the latest developments and news out of tiny Malta.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Malta


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Bastjanizi 95 FMRadioQormi32Maltese
Bay 89.7 FMRadioSt.George's Bay40Maltese
BKR Radio 94.5 FMRadioValletta32Maltese
Campus Radio 103.7 FMRadioValletta32Maltese
Capital Radio 88.7 FMRadioValletta32Maltese
Christian Light Radio 105.4 FMRadioNaxxar20Maltese
Di-Ve Net News TVTVValletta300Maltese
Eden 107.6 FMRadioValletta32Maltese
Education 22 ChannelTVValletta300Maltese
Energy 96.4 FMRadioBirzebbuga40Maltese
Fantasy Radio 104.1 FMRadioPaola128Maltese
Lehen Il-Karmelitani - ZurrieqRadioValletta132Maltese
Munxar CamTVMunxar300Maltese
One TVTVValletta300Maltese
PBS Radio MaltaRadioValletta32Maltese
Power 90.4 FMRadioPaola32Maltese
Radio 101RadioValletta64Maltese
Radio Calypso 102 FMRadioValletta32Maltese
Radju Kottoner 98 FMRadioValletta32Maltese
Radju Lehen il Qala 106.3 FMRadioQala20Maltese
Radju LuminariaRadioNadur32Maltese
Radju MarijaRadioValletta32Maltese
RTK RadioRadioValletta64Maltese
Smash RadioRadioValletta32Maltese
Smash TVTVPaola220Maltese
Super 1 RadioRadioValletta20Maltese
Super 1 TVTVValletta273Maltese
X FM 100.2RadioValletta32Maltese

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