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The Republic of Maldives, an island country in the Indian Ocean located to the south-west of Sri Lanka, once devastated by el Nino and a 2004 tsunami now bursts with life again.  Today, as in days of old, this jewel in the Laccadive Sea, welcomes honeymooners and adventurers to its powdery white beaches and cobalt blue waters.  The Maldives, from the modern city of Male to the romantic Southern Atolls, is a slice of heaven.  Part of a chain of ancient coral reefs, life here is simple.  The sun shines all year long from a canopy of bright blue sky. It’s a place devoted to daydreaming, swimming, diving, or snorkeling in lagoons as warm as bath water.  Leisurely walking, prolonged tanning and quiet contemplation appear to be the main occupation.  The people, mainly of the Muslim faith, have built a flourishing economy around fishing and tourism. Currently, the country is in a reconstruction flurry and every year, like mushrooms, modern hotels, ecological resorts and cowry shell- craft boutiques, spring up on the fertile soil of tourist dollars.  Apart from the sun and sand, tourists also enjoy visiting Technopark, the Royal College, the Senate University of Peradinya,  the Temple of Tooth Relic,  the Maldives national stadium, and the Trinity College Chapel.  WorldTVRadio Tuner for the Maldive has one radio station broadcasting in Dhivei.  Whether you vacationed in the Maldives and want to pay a nostalgic visit, or you live in the Maldives and want to stay in touch with current affairs, WorldTVRadio Tuner for the Maldives brings you VOM Voice of Maldives 89 FM live from the capital island Male.


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Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
VOM Voice of Maldives 89 FMRadioMale48Dhivehi

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