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Though your feet travel far and wide, your heart stays in Lithuania. Whether you're working in Europe, vacationing in the U.S or serving the military in Asia, you're bound to feel a little homesick for the sounds of home. If so, then WorldTVRadio Tuner can help bring you the familiar voices, music and programming from Lithuania that you love and miss.

WorldTVRadio Tuner is your ticket to the best radio and TV programming from hundreds of countries around the world. Through our software, you get hundreds of TV channels and thousands of radio stations that you can tune into 24 hours a day. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection and it'll be like your switching on the radio from home.

Unlike cable and satellite - which for the longest time were the only way to get quality international radio and TV programming from abroad - WorldTVRadio Tuner doesn't require any hardware, monthly subscriptions of hard-to-use equipment. It's all contained right in your computer and it works with PC or Mac.

Popular Lithuanian Radio Stations

WorldTVRadio Tuner offers numerous Lithuanian radio stations broadcasting live. From music and live concerts to documentaries, news reports and sports broadcasts, WorldTVRadio Tuner allows you to stay connected to the goings on in Lithuania. Here are a few of the most listened to stations from Lithuania:

A2 Radijo Stotis 96.4 FM

This station is based out of Vilnius and is the exact same broadcast that you'd hear if you were tuning in on an FM radio in Lithuania. Music, news, entertainment and more - all through your computer speakers.

LRT Internet Radio

In addition to live, simulcast broadcasts that bring conventional radio stations to your PC, WorldTVRadio Tuner also brings you web exclusive radio stations. LRT Internet Radio brings you music and more in a streamlined, digital format.

Power Hit Radio 95.9 FM

Hear the best pop songs from Lithuania and around the world at Power Hit Radio 95.9 FM. Top 40 countdowns, charttoppers and breakout artists are always on the playlist here.

Radio Maria Lithuania

Radio Mario Lithuania is the Catholic radio station for Lithuanians. Broadcast in Lithuanian, this religious station brings you insightful theological commentary as well as live church services.

National Radio

National Radio is Lithuania's public radio station and offers publicly sponsored programming that's relevant to its citizens. News, documentaries and more.

More Stations from Around the World

Curious about the stations from the other nations? Since you're already tuning into Lithuania stations using WorldTVRadio Tuner, why not see the whole host of radio, TV, movies, music, news, sports and other programming that our software brings you. Here's how you can find other great stations from all over the globe.

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Tune in to Free Internet Radio by Language

Living in a multilingual can often mean that there are only a handful of radio stations in your area that speak your language. With WorldTVRadio Tuner, you can quickly and easily find a radio station being broadcast in the language that you prefer.

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The great thing about free web radio is that you never have to hear songs you don't love. WorldTVRadio Tuner is your all access pass to the greatest radio stations specializing in the genres you want to hear. From radio stations that play non-stop country, rock, rap, classical, folk and other genres to programs with eclectic offerings, there's no way you won't be able to find something that keeps your toes tapping.

Free Radio Stations, Free WorldTVRadio Tuner

Because we want you to get the most out of our software, we offer two free and easy ways to tune in to WorldTVRadio Tuner. The first is easy - just find a station you like and click "Launch." The station begins playing right in your browser. You can also download our feature-rich WorldTVRadio Tuner Toolbar Edition that integrates powerful search functions and convenient access to radio through Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

If you want even more radio, even more television and the ability to pause, record and burn your favorite programs, choose the WorldTVRadio Tuner Standalone Edition. For just $9.99, you get unlimited access to the full database of stations from every country.

Ready to hear everything the world has to offer? Want to see what the rest of the world sees? Tune in to WorldTVRadio Tuner and get it all. Try it today for free.

Once an empire that stretched from the Baltic to the Black Sea, Lithuania is now a tiny sovereign nation.  However, it is much more than a micro-nation abundant in forests and lakes whose rustic people roam the countryside filling baskets with ripe berries and edible mushrooms.   In fact, Lithuania is considered to be Europe’s bravest nation.  Tyrannized by the Nazis then oppressed under the iron fist of the Soviet Union, little Lithuania fought for its independence and won.  Once obliterated entirely from the map of Europe, this country is now a member of the European Union and an active partner in NATO.  It’s four F-16 jet fighters proudly guard airspace above the Baltic.  The people of Polish origin are mainly Catholics and Orthodox.  Although the capital city Vilnius is so small it might be mistaken for a town, it’s an intriguing place, full of dramatic contrasts, from ancient courtyards to baroque buildings, from artist neighborhoods to conservative districts, and from the Hill of Crosses to the Soviet sculpture park.  WorldTVRadio Tuner for Liechtenstein has eleven radio stations broadcasting in Lithuanian.  WorldTVRadio Tuner for Lithuania offers music choices, live concerts, fascinating documentaries, news reports and sports broadcasts.  A2 Radijo Stotis 96.4 FM broadcasting offers music, news, and entertainment and more.  Power Hit Radio 95.9 FM has 40 countdowns, top of the charts performers and breakout bands.  Radio Maria Lithuania, the Catholic radio station, broadcasts theological discussions and  live church services.  National Radio, the public radio station, provides publicly sponsored programming, news, and documentaries.  Lithuanian speakers  will enjoy WorldTVRadio Tuner Lithuanian radio stations for a wide coverage of talk shows, news and contemporary programs live from Vilnius.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Lithuania


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
A2 Radijo Stotis 96.4 FMRadioVilnius128Lithuanian
KF Kaufo Fonas 105.4 FMRadioVilnius64Lithuanian
KTU GuadeamusRadioVilnius128Lithuanian
LRT Internet RadioRadioVilnius128Lithuanian
Mazeikiu Aidas FM 100.4RadioVilnius64Lithuanian
National RadioRadioVilnius32Lithuanian
Power Hit Radio 95.9 FMRadioVilnius40Lithuanian
Radijo Stotis LIETUSRadioVilnius96Lithuanian
Radio Maria LithuaniaRadioVilnius10Lithuanian
Tau FM Tarakono RadijasRadioVilnius64Lithuanian
Ziniu Radijas 104.7 FMRadioVilnius40Lithuanian

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