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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Latvia


Latvia, an unpretentious Eastern European country in the Baltic, has shed its past of Nazi subjugation and Soviet oppression, and is awakening to a vibrant new life.  Nowhere is this more apparent then in Riga, the bustling capital, with it’s old world cobbled streets, art-nouveau architecture, and throbbing nightlife.  But life is slower in the country, where you’ll find historic villages isolated from each other, anachronisms of a simpler time, remnants of a different era.  The countryside offers many daring explorers an unbeaten path.  Famous for its castles in various stages of ruin stretching from Sigulard to Jurmala, Latvia is also well-known for its hospitable resorts nestled on the edges of the ice-blue Atlantic Sea and it’s pine-scented forests in Gauja National Park in the Eastern region.  Winters here are dark, cold, and dreary, but Summers make up for it, when twilight is near midnight and it’s light again at 4 am.  All summer long, cheerful Latvians flock the beer gardens in the small villages.  WorldTVRadio Tuner has three television stations and 18 radio stations broadcasting in Russian and Latvian.  On television, you can watch sports on STV Sports and a variety of musical shows on STV Music, STV Music All and STV Music Channel 2 in Russian.  On radio, you can listen to European musical hits on European Hit Radio 104.3 FM in Latvian, as well as rock music on Radio SWH channels in Russian and Latvian.  WorldTVRadio Tuner Latvian radio and television stations offer coverage of Latvian news and current affairs and musical entertainment live from Riga, Liepaja, and Rezekne.

Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Alise Plus 101.6 FMRadioRiga64Russian
Capital 101 FMRadioRiga128Latvian
European Hit Radio 104.3 FMRadioRiga40Latvian
Kurzemes 88.4 FMRadioLiepaja40Latvian
Latvijas Kristigais radio 101.8 FMRadioRiga128Latvian
Latvijas Radio 1RadioRiga64Latvian
Latvijas Radio 2RadioRiga80Latvian
Latvijas Radio 3 - KlasikaRadioRiga128Latvian
Latvijas Radio 4 - Doma laukumsRadioRiga64Russian
Radio 1 107.0 FMRadioRiga128Latvian
Radio 3RadioRiga40Latvian
Radio Ef-Ei 91.4 FMRadioRezekne40Latvian
Radio Skonto 107.2 FMRadioRiga96Latvian
Radio SWHRadioRiga128Latvian
Radio SWH +RadioRiga128Russian
Radio SWH RockRadioRiga128Latvian
Star FMRadioRiga40Latvian
STV MusicTVRiga220Russian
STV Music AllTVRiga150Russian
STV Music Channel 2TVRiga220Russian
STV SportsTVRiga220Russian
TV 24TVRiga900Latvian
TV 5TVRiga150Latvian

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