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Once a nation surrounded by mystery and intrigue, Japan is now the high energy capital of Asian business and technological innovation. Japan is infused with deep historical significance, but today, it is the headquarters of some of the biggest names in business and electronics, such as Sony, Nintendo, Mizuho, Panasonic and Yamaha. Japan is also home to some of the top car manufacturers, including Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi.

Perhaps what is most fascinating about Japan is its culture. Video games, art, film, music (Karaoke, after all, is Japanese), mobile technology, gardening, cuisine, manga - you name it. If there's a facet of culture - pop or high - then Japan does it with distinctive enthusiasm and refinement. This culture is often imitated, but never duplicated. And the only way to experience Japanese culture in its true form is to hear and see what the Japanese hear and see. WorldTVRadio Tuner lets you do precisely that.

Whether it's J-Pop hits or serious discussion of kotaku culture, we've got a station or television program that will you show you the real thing. Tune in to Bloomberg TV Japan from Tokyo to get the latest financial news or Oh! Sama TV for news and entertainment. Hear authentic Japanese music on 76.3 FM, MPP Radio Japan or Tokyo 80 FM.

With WorldTVRadio Tuner, the best of Japanese culture is always at your fingertips. From sushi and samurai to smartphones and widescreens, Japan is the capital of the world. WorldTVRadio tuner lets you experience the real thing - try it now by clicking on a station.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Japan


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
76.3 FMRadioTokyo22Japanese
Beach FM 78.9RadioTokyo300Japanese
Bloomberg TV Asia PacificTVTokio36Multilanguage
Bloomberg TV JapanTVTokyo56Japanese
Channel JTVTokyo300Japanese
Daiwa TVTVTokyo80Japanese
FM Osaka 85.1 FMRadioOsaka32Japanese
FM Yokohama 84.7 FMRadioYokohama150Japanese
FM YY 77.8 FMRadioTokyo32Japanese
FNN Fuji News NetworkTVTokyo266Japanese
Freebird RadioRadioTokyo128Japanese
HBC RadioRadioTokyo56Japanese
iiV Channel TVTVWebcast300Japanese
Impress TVTVTokyo300Japanese
JAL TV (Japanese Airlines)TVTokyo700Japanese
LFX Digital StationRadioTokyo64Japanese
LFX MudigiTVTokyo300Japanese
MBS RadioRadioTokyo32Japanese
MID TVTVTokyo300Japanese
Mimi 76.8 FMRadioTokyo150Japanese
Mount Fuji Live CamRadioTokyo36Japanese
MPP Chillout ProgramRadioWebcast56Japanese
MPP Hip-Hop ProgramRadioWebcast56Japanese
MPP House ProgramRadioWebcast56Japanese
NHK Radio JapanRadioTokyo32Multilanguage
Nikkei FMRadioTokyo20Japanese
Odoroku TVTVTokyo512Japanese
Oh! Sama TVTVWebcast300Japanese
Pod TVTVTokyo56Japanese
Radio NikkeiRadioTokyo20Japanese
Samurai FMRadioWebcast96Japanese
So-Net TVTVTokyo300Japanese
Sony Music TVTVTokyo300Japanese
Style 76.8 FMTVFukuoka150Japanese
TBS News at 11TVTokyo225Japanese
TBS News at 18TVTokyo225Japanese
TBS News at 23TVTokyo225Japanese
TFMi ChannelTVTokyo500Japanese
Tokyo 80 FMRadioTokyo128Japanese
Yanagida TVTVTokyo56Japanese
Yomiuri TVTVTokyo300Japanese

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