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Iran - the seat of the ancient city of Persepolis as well as the modern metropolis of Tehran - is an enigma to most westerners. Tourists and travelers remain hesitant to visit this somewhat infamous nation, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of vibrant culture and an important emerging national identity in Iran. WorldTVRadio Tuner is just about as close as you can get to experience Iran as an Iranian - and best of all, it's free and available from anywhere in the world - live, streaming directly to your computer. We have dozens of Iranian television and free radio shows available for online viewing broadcast in Persian and other languages.

For excellent news, sports and entertainment shows without the filters of mainstream media, check out AL Kawthar TV, Alalam TV, Alkarbalaeia TV, E2 Channel, Iran National TV, Quran TV and other great chnanels from Tehran. Other stations, like VOA Persian Edition, broadcast ideas and information designed to promote democratic ideals in Iran. You can also hear the latest sports updates and pop hits from Iranian artists and international superstars from radio stations such as IRIB Dari Radio, IRIB Radio Farhang, IRIB Raido World Service and Irib Radio Sport. You can also catch Iranian music videos and live concerts by watching Jam e Jam 1, Jam e Jam  2 or Jam e Jam 3.

WorldTVRadio Tuner is your window into authentic Iranian TV and radio programming and Persian language broadcasts. You get unlimited access to our full database of Iranian shows, simulcast live to your computer. Try it now - it's free and instant. Click a station to begin.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Iran


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
AFN TVTVInternet56Persian
Al Kawthar TVTVTehran100Persian
Alalam TVTVTehran56Persian
Alkarbalaeia TVTVTehran85Persian
Amouzesh TVTVTehran273Persian
Andisheh TVTVTehran102Persian
Anjoman TVTVTehran150Persian
E2 ChannelTVTehran102Persian
Iran National TVTVTehran350Persian
Iran News Khabar TVTVTehran100Persian
Iran TV 1TVTehran273Persian
Iran TV 2TVTehran273Persian
Iran TV 3TVTehran273Persian
Iran TV 4TVTehran273Persian
Iran TV 5TVTehran273Persian
Irandejban TVTVTehran100Persian
IRIB Dari RadioRadioTehran48Persian
IRIB Orumieh TVTVTehran100Persian
IRIB Radio FarhangRadioTehran12Persian
IRIB Radio JavanRadioTehran12Persian
IRIB Radio MaarefRadioTehran12Persian
IRIB Radio PayamRadioTehran12Persian
IRIB Radio QuranRadioTehran12Persian
IRIB Radio SarasariRadioTehran20Persian
IRIB Radio SportRadioTehran12Persian
IRIB Radio World Service 1RadioTehran13Multilanguage
IRIB Radio World Service 2RadioTehran13Multilanguage
IRIB Radio World Service 3RadioTehran13Multilanguage
IRIB Sedaye AshenaRadioTehran20Persian
Jam e Jam 1TVTehran100Persian
Jam e Jam 2TVTehran100Persian
Jam e Jam 3TVTehran273Persian
Khabar TV News NetworkTVTehran273Persian
Labbaik TVTVTehran273Persian
Markazi TVTVTehran223Persian
Mohabat TVTVTehran100Persian
Pars TVTVTehran102Persian
Pasa TVTVTehran302Persian
PMI TVTVTehran102Persian
Press TVTVTehran340English
Quran TVTVTehran273Persian
Sahar TVTVTehran100Multilanguage
Salaam TVTVTehran222Persian
Tehran TVTVTehran273Persian
VOA Persian EditionTVTehran330Persian
X TVTVTehran273Persian

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