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Located at the heart of Europe is Hungary, home of musicians like Franz Liszt and Béla Bartók and natural wonders like the majestic Danube River. With the vibrant city of Budapest at its core, Hungary has much to offer both outsiders and its own citizens in the way of culture and art as well as financial news, sports broadcasts and political analysis. And we're proud to say that we have dozens of excellent free radio and TV stations that broadcast out of Hungary. With WorldTVRadio Tuner, you can hear and see them all.

Hungary is a unique jewel of Central Europe with its own cultural roots and language. Many of the free radio stations and streaming TV channels out of Hungary that are available through WorldTVRadio Tuner are broadcast in Hungarian, making it great for native speakers as well as those interested in learning the language. You can get straight, unfiltered news and commentary from stations like Civil Radio 98 FM, Danubis Radio 48, Adai Radio 107.7 FM Mediterranean Radio 101.2 FM and Csaba Radio 104 FM, all of which are based in Budapest. In addition to these free radio stations, there are also great TV channels from Budapest, including Duna I TV, Duna II Autonomia TV and E-Klub TV.  WorldTVRadio Tuner also gives you access to Hungarian radio stations and free live television from other cities, such as Musora, Heves, Zalaegerszeg, Dunaujvaros, Debrecen, Sarvar and Godollo.

Plus, you get a comprehensive directory of the top webcasts (online exclusive radio and TV stations from Hungary) that stream to your computer just like the traditional radio and TV channels that are simulcast through WorldTVRadio Tuner.

Ready to hear and see it all? WorldTVRadio Tuner is your window to Hungary - try it now by clicking on one of the stations.


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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Hungary


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Adai Radio 107.7 FMRadioBudapest24Hungarian
Aktiv Radio 92.2 FMRadioMusora128Hungarian
Bartok Radio 105.3 FMRadioMusora41Hungarian
BP 13TVBudapest273Hungarian
Budapest Radio 88.1 FMRadioBudapest128Hungarian
Civil Radio 98 FMRadioBudapest32Hungarian
Cool 107.3 FMRadioBudapest32Hungarian
Csaba Radio 104 FMRadioBudapest96Hungarian
Danubis RadioRadioBudapest48Hungarian
Dio Radio 93.7 FMRadioHeves64Hungarian
Duna I TVTVBudapest352Hungarian
Duna II Autonomia TVTVBudapest300Hungarian
Duna Net TVTVBudapest300Hungarian
Egerszeg Radio 92.9 FMRadioZalaegerszeg64Hungarian
E-Klub TVTVBudapest550Hungarian
El-Do Radio 93.1 FMRadioDunaujvaros160Hungarian
Eskuvo TVTVBudapest300Hungarian
Eskuvo TVTVBudapest331Hungarian
Evangeliumi RadioRadioBudapest26Hungarian
Fiksz Radio 98 FMRadioBudapest24Hungarian
Fix TVTVBudapest1000Hungarian
FLP TVTVBudapest120Hungarian
Fortuna RadioRadioBudapest96Hungarian
Friss Radio 90 FMRadioDebrecen128Hungarian
Full Arts TVTVBudapest120Hungarian
Gazdasagi RadioRadioBudapest64Hungarian
Golgota RadioRadioBudapest128Hungarian
Halom TVTVBudapest120Hungarian
Hazafi RadioRadioBudapest64Hungarian
Hir TVTVBudapest310Hungarian
Hit RadioRadioBudapest256Hungarian
Hobby RadioRadioBudapest96Hungarian
Info RadioRadioBudapest64Hungarian
Isis Radio 96.5 FMRadioSarvar80Hungarian
Juventus Radio 89.5 FMRadioBudapest160Hungarian
Kando FMRadioBudapest160Hungarian
Kapos Radio 99.9 FMRadioBudapest96Hungarian
Kincsem RadioRadioBudapest96Hungarian
KJF Vorosmarty RadioRadioBudapest128Hungarian
Klub Radio 95.3 FMRadioBudapest24Hungarian
Kossuth Radio 107.8 FMRadioBudapest40Hungarian
M1 TVTVBudapest102Hungarian
Masik Radio 93.6 FMRadioGodollo196Hungarian
Mediterran Radio 101.2 FMRadioBudapest128Hungarian
Mellesleg FM 100% MagyarRadioWebcast192Hungarian
Mellesleg FM FilmzeneRadioWebcast192Hungarian
Mellesleg FM FoadoRadioWebcast192Hungarian
Mellesleg FM GAYnessRadioWebcast192Hungarian
Mellesleg FM HumorRadioWebcast32Hungarian

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