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Over 7 million people call Hong Kong home, and this vibrant Asian epicenter means so many things to so many different people. A business capital and financial hub, a glittering tourist attraction with its neon-tinged skyline, a touchstone of Chinese culture and a destination for lovers of the outdoors, wildlife and China's scenic mountains. With so much happening in Hong Kong, it's difficult to get the information you need from the mainstream media about this eclectic city. This is where WorldTVRadio Tuner saves the day.

WorldTVRadio Tuner gives you an intense closeup with all the facets of this multicultural metropolis. You can hear all the latest financial news and business moves on Metro Finance 105 FM, broadcast out of Hong Kong in Chinese. Or you can see it as well as hear it on Metro Finance 104 TV. If you aren't a fan of business during the weekend, tune in to any of the great music stations and hear the latest metal, rap, adult contemporary, pop music and alternative hits from China and Hong Kong by listening to RTHK Channel 1, RTHK Channel 2, RTHK Channel 3, RTHK Channel 4, RTHK Channel 5 or RTHK Channel 6. These are the same radio broadcasts you'd hear if you were turning on your radio from Hong Kong on 92.6FM, 94.8 FM, 567 AM, 98.9 FM, 783 AM or 621 AM (respectively).

That's the beauty of WorldTVRadio Tuner. It's the closest you can get to experiencing Hong Kong culture, staying updated with Hong Kong's fast paced business world and hearing the latest Hong Kong bands and artists without visiting the city yourself. And best of all, you can try WorldTVRadio Tuner for free - no registrations, no downloads, no activation - just click a station and hit "Launch." Hear that? That's the sound of free radio from all the way across the globe. Hear it all with WorldTVRadio Tuner.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Hong Kong


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Commercial 88.1 FMRadioHong Kong8Chinese
Commercial 90.3 FMRadioHong Kong11Chinese
Hiradio 1RadioHong Kong24Chinese
Metro Finance 104 FMRadioHong Kong12Chinese
Metro Finance 104 TVTVHong Kong56Chinese
Metro Showbiz 99.7 FMRadioHong Kong12Chinese
RTHK Channel 1 92.6 FMRadioHong Kong20Chinese
RTHK Channel 2 94.8 FMRadioHong Kong20Chinese
RTHK Channel 3 567 AMRadioHong Kong20Chinese
RTHK Channel 4 98.9 FMRadioHong Kong20Chinese
RTHK Channel 5 783 AMRadioHong Kong20Chinese
RTHK Channel 6 621 AMRadioHong Kong20Chinese

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