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From the frenetic food, culture and music of Port-au-Prince to  the beaches and colonial history of Cap-Haitien, Haiti has far more to offer the world than the mainstream media lets on. Don't believe it? Take some time to tune in to a free radio station or a free TV channel from Haiti and see for yourself. At WorldTVRadio Tuner, we have programming broadcast in both French and English that showcases the best and brightest cultural attractions, political news and travel alerts straight from Haiti.

You can hear what the Haitians hear when they tune in to their radios at home by streaming simulcast stations such as Centrale 91.7 FM, Energie 101.7FM, Radio Lumiere and Signal 90.5 FM - all of which broadcast out of Port-au-Prince. WorldTVRadio Tuner brings you the authentic sounds from Haiti, including pop stars from Haiti as well as top hits from the Caribbean and Central America.

Also, don't miss Bamboch TV and RTH 2000 Channel 1. Bamboch TV is an Internet TV station from Haiti that broadcasts web exclusive content in French. RTH 200 Channel 1 is also a web exclusive broadcast which schedules English-language programming. You can also catch RTPI TV Radio Tele Providence International and Tele Pa Nou, both of which are popular French-speaking radio stations from Port-au-Prince. These broadcasts are simulcast live to WorldTVRadio Tuner, meaning you see exactly what viewers in Haiti see when they see it.

It's about time that the world reconsidered Haiti. By seeing the nation through Haitian eyes on Haitian TV stations and hearing firsthand accounts from Haitian radio stations, you can discover exactly what this overlooked country is all about.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Haiti


Country/State Lineup
Station NameTV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Bamboch TVTVInternet323French
Centrale 91.7 FMRadioPort-au-Prince16French
Energie 101.7 FMRadioPort-au-Prince24French
Radio 4VEHRadioPort-au-Prince20French
Radio Balade 102.3 FMRadioPort-au-Prince32French
Radio LumiereRadioPort-au-Prince20French
RTH 2000 Channel 1TVInternet424English
RTPI TV Radio Tele Providence InternationalTVPort-au-Prince273French
Signal 90.5 FMRadioPort-au-Prince21French
Tele Pa NouTVPort-au-Prince273French

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