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The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) is an interesting place full of culture, life, and plenty of conversation. Macedonians enjoy a number of different musical styles ranging from classical to popular music, which is why WorldTVRadio Tuner offers numerous radio and television stations that are centered upon music. In addition to all of our musical offerings, we also have a number of cultural and news stations that are worth tuning into. All of our stations are broadcast live from FYROM, and all of them are entirely authentic.

Listening to Antenna 5 Italo is a great way to become submersed in today’s popular music. This station broadcasts live from Skopje in Macedonian regularly. You’ll hear all the best music of today, but you’ll also hear music that’s important to the residents of FYROM.

Another great FYROM station is Kanal 103. Kanal 103 plays popular music from around the world and from FYROM. Broadcasting daily from Skopje, this station is the one to tune into when you want to tap your feet.
Kanal 5 is a television station that handles all current event topics. When you tune into any Kanal 5 program, you’ll see live debate, important news stories, and programming that gets to the heart of any FYROM matter. If news is what you’re after, then don’t skip Kanal 5.

With all the different FYROM stations to choose from, you’ll spend hour flipping from one station to the next. Within a short amount of time, you’ll discover that WorldTVRadio Tuner is hard to beat when it comes to live television and radio stations from FYROM. 

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  FYROM


Country Lineup
Station Name TV/Radio City Speed Language
| 1 |
Antenna 5 Radio Skopje 11 Macedonian
Antenna 5 Chill Out Radio Skopje 24 Macedonian
Antenna 5 Dance Radio Skopje 24 Macedonian
Antenna 5 Hit List Radio Skopje 24 Macedonian
Antenna 5 Italo Radio Skopje 24 Macedonian
Antenna 5 Latino Radio Skopje 24 Macedonian
Antenna 5 Love Songs Radio Skopje 24 Macedonian
Antenna 5 Mac Hits Radio Skopje 24 Macedonian
Antenna 5 Techno Radio Skopje 24 Macedonian
City Radio 94.7 FM Radio Skopje 24 Macedonian
Kanal 103 Radio Skopje 22 Macedonian
Kanal 5 TV Skopje 112 Macedonian
Makedonsko Radio Radio Skopje 21 Macedonian
Medi Television TV Skopje 64 Macedonian
Radio Inter Mak Radio Skopje 48 Macedonian
Radio Ros Radio Skopje 24 Macedonian
Ravel Radio Radio Skopje 24 Macedonian
Top 93.6 FM Radio Skopje 22 Macedonian
TV Telma TV Skopje 45 Macedonian