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Egypt is a diverse land filled with many different types of people. WorldTVRadio Tuner strives to represent all Egyptians through various live television and radio broadcasts. All of our Egyptian television and radio stations are broadcast live from Egypt in Egyptian or Arabic.

Some Egyptian stations worthy of note include Agaphy TV (live from Cairo), GN4me Party Radio (live from Cairo), and Sat 7 TV (live from Cairo). In addition, SIS Radio provides all who understand Egyptian with the latest political and cultural happenings from Egypt.

You may also find Nile TV International entertaining, since this television station broadcasts all of the popular shows from Egypt. Nile TV International broadcasts live from Cairo on a regular basis, and all programming on this station is broadcast in Egyptian.

Radio SAWA Egypt is another popular station that many Egyptians can’t get enough of. Radio SAWA has many different radio shows to keep you entertained all day long, and this station is broadcast live from Cairo regularly.

When it comes to Egyptian radio and television stations, WorldTVRadio has many different options. You’ll discover a whole world of culture, sports, news, and music are waiting for you when you tune into any one of our Egyptian stations.

For those who are originally from Egypt or those who simply want to learn more about Egypt, WorldTVRadio has the best and most popular Egyptian radio and television stations to select from. When you’re ready to explore the world Egyptian-style, tune into WorldTVRadio – radio and television doesn’t get much better than this!

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Egypt


Country Lineup
Station Name TV/Radio City Speed Language
| 1 |
Agaphy TV TV Cairo 50 Egyptian
GN4me Party Radio Radio Cairo 48 Arabic
Nile TV International TV Cairo 100 Egyptian
Radio Sawa Egypt Radio Cairo 20 Egyptian
Sat 7 TV TV Cairo 100 Egyptian
SIS Radio Radio Cairo 20 Egyptian
SIS TV TV Cairo 100 Egyptian