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Whether you want to stay on top of the latest soccer happenings, economic events, or cultural galas, we at WorldTVRadio Tuner have a station for you to tune in to.  Like the country itself with its wide extremes in geography, climate and population density, WorldTVRadio Tuner offers stations that cover that wide diversity.  You certainly do not want to miss out on what WoroldTVRadio Tuner has for a selection to listen to.

Open the box at WorldTVRadio Tuner and discover stations that are centered on music, news, current events and culture as well.  Radio Nuevo Mundo 930 AM, and ADN Radio 91.7 are both news/talk stations that will provide Chilean political news to inform the constituents of current happenings.  Nuevo Tiempo Radio 1600 AM is a religious station for those listeners who prefer to listen and pray on a regular basis.  More than 90 music stations give listeners across the world the opportunity to choose from many styles of music—if you like Top 40 songs, check out 40 Principales 92.5 FM.  Besame 97.1 FM is a wonderful choice for listeners whose favorites are love songs.

With more than 100 radio stations on WorldTVRadio Tuner, hearing what is going on in Valparaiso, Inquique and Santiago as well as Antofagasto will brighten your day.  Should that mean finding out about an active volcano, or weather alerts, you have plenty of choices to pick from.  Native Chilean, or simply a fluent Spanish speaker who loves Chile, WorldRadioTV Tuner will help you keep in touch, in a brand new way.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Chile


Country Lineup
Station Name TV/Radio City Speed Language
| 1 | 2 | 3 |
40 Principales 92.5 FM Radio Santiago 16 Spanish
ADN Radio 91.7 FM Radio Santiago 32 Spanish
Besame 97.1 FM Radio Santiago 30 Spanish
Canal 13 TV Santiago 115 Spanish
Canal 13 Cable TV Santiago 115 Spanish
Canal 2 Temuco TV Temuco 300 Spanish
Canal 54 TV Santiago 200 Spanish
Canal 81 TV Santiago 250 Spanish
Canal 95 FM Stereo Radio Antofagasta 128 Spanish
Caribe 104.9 FM Radio Iquique 32 Spanish
CD TV Camara de Diputados Television TV Santiago 200 Spanish
Chilevision TV Santiago 100 Spanish
Concierto 88.5 FM Radio Santiago 20 Spanish
Contigo 104.5 FM Radio Copiapo 32 Spanish
Corazon 101.3 FM Radio Santiago 20 Spanish
Dimension 104.5 FM Radio Peumo 32 Spanish
Duna 89.7 FM Radio Santiago 32 Spanish
El Conquistador 91.3 FM Radio Santiago 32 Spanish
Estacion Mayor (Web Only) Radio Temuco 96 Spanish
FM Hit 101.7 Radio Santiago 20 Spanish
FM Nina 104.9 Radio Santiago 20 Spanish
FM OK 103.1 Radio Los Andes 22 Spanish
FM Para Ti 105.7 FM Radio Santiago 32 Spanish
FM Plus 95.5 Radio Antofagasta 128 Spanish
Iquique TV Canal 10 TV Iquique 100 Spanish
Nuevo Tiempo Radio 1600 AM Radio Santiago 24 Spanish
Nuevo Tiempo Television TV Santiago 130 Spanish
Play FM 100.9 Radio Santiago 30 Spanish
Radio 1 Latina 88.1 FM Radio La Union 128 Spanish
Radio Actual 102.9 FM Radio Tocopilla 96 Spanish
Radio Actual 95.1 FM Radio Antofagasta 64 Spanish
Radio Agricultura 92.1 FM Radio Santiago 48 Spanish
Radio Alborada 107.7 FM Radio Chillan 32 Spanish
Radio Alfaomega 106.5 FM Radio Curico 56 Spanish
Radio Archipielago 106 FM Radio Achao 20 Spanish
Radio Atardecer 107.3 FM Radio Pichilemu 32 Spanish
Radio Beethoven 96.5 FM Radio Santiago 20 Spanish
Radio Bienvenida 100.9 FM Radio Santa Cruz 26 Spanish
Radio Bio-Bio Concepcion Radio Concepcion 32 Spanish
Radio Bio-Bio Santiago Radio Santiago 32 Spanish
Radio Bravissima 88.7 FM Radio Iquique 16 Spanish
Radio Camila 98.3 FM Radio Los Angeles 32 Spanish
Radio Capissima Radio Arica 48 Spanish
Radio Cariñosa 92.1 FM Radio Chillan 20 Spanish
Radio Carnaval 89.9 FM Radio Viña del Mar 24 Spanish
Radio Carnaval 96.5 FM Radio Antofagasta 24 Spanish
Radio Cooperativa 760 AM Radio Santiago 32 Spanish
Radio Coral 97.1 FM Radio Arica 20 Spanish
Radio Definitiva 90.5 FM Radio Tocopilla 44 Spanish
Radio Desierto 92.1 FM Radio Antofagasta 44 Spanish
Radio Diametro Puelche 90.5 FM Radio Pucon 80 Spanish