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Should you happen to have a liking for Cape Verdan culture or be one of the 450,000 residents of the Cape Verdan chain of islands, you will be happy with the selection of WorldTVRadio Tuner’s stations available to you.  WorldTVRadio Tuner brings five radio stations to the Cape Verdan listeners of the world, to keep them up to date on the latest news and current events in Cape Verde. 

Based out of the town of Mosteiros, WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Radio Mosterios FM is an adult contemporary station that is live.  Using the native Portuguese language, worldwide listeners can easily catch up with the news on the islands of Cape Verde, and enjoy an adult format.  Looking for an ethnic format, but spoken in English?  Check out WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Radio Kaapverdie FM.  Based out of Cape Verde’s capital, the culture of Cape Verde is kept alive and well through Radio Kaapeverdie FM’s daily broadcasts.  Choices are available if listeners are looking for a general choice format—music, news and current events.

Portuguese speaking listeners of WorldTVRadio Tuner stations can check out three other stations for more options in listening pleasure--Radio Praia FM, RTC and Radio Comercial.  Find out the temperature of the water, and direction of the wind, so that your windsurfing experience on Cape Verde will be perfect.  Hear traditional mornos—Cape Verdan mournful style songs--via these three general format WorldTVRadio Tuner stations.  Learn more about the Mardi Gras events in Mindelo or the activity on Mt Fogo, Cape Verde’s active volcano—all through WorldTVRadio Tuner’s stations.

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Cape Verde


Country Lineup
Station Name TV/Radio City Speed Language
| 1 |
Radio Comercial Radio Praia 20 Portuguese
Radio Kaapverdie FM Radio Praia 32 English
Radio Mosteiros FM Radio Mosteiros 20 Portuguese
Radio Praia FM Radio Praia 20 Portuguese
RTC Radio Praia 20 Portuguese