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If you have a hankering to catch up on the best fresh water fishing, check out casinos or find out about the latest political news, Cambodia is the place to do it.  Of course, WorldTVRadio Tuner has a station to help you do that.  Just as the country Cambodia has a wide array of scenery to choose from, our radio station has a great variety of music available on it.  Add in the time spent on culture and history, and WorldTVRadio Tuner’s station Radio Samleng Khemara is a very well-balanced station for those interested in listening to a Cambodian station.

Based in the political hub of Phnom Pheh, Radio Samleng Khemara is the WorldTVRadio Tuner station for you.  Prying open a chest full of topics within a twenty-four hour time span every day, Radio Samleng Khemara will take you through the rough political scene of Cambodia.  Top of the morning news comes up early in the day so that you can keep up to date.  Keeping up with the current events of the Cambodia’s politics is important to anyone, and the live reporting from Phnom Pheh in the evening also aids Radio Samaleng Khemara in keeping on top of the news. 

Yet, Radio Samleng Khemara will also aid you in relaxing, using the Top 40 format for music for most of the day.  Taking the time to introduce parts of the Cambodian culture everyday is also part of the Radio Samleng Khemara experience.  Listening to descriptions of Kampot, a seaside town or the rambling ride through the jungles of Mondulkiri Province on WorldTVRadio Tuner’s Radio Samleng Khemara make you appreciate Cambodia even more.

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Country Lineup
Station Name TV/Radio City Speed Language
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Radio Samleng Khemara Radio Phnom Penh 24 Cambodian