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When you think of Bulgaria, do you think of ski-chases and big-muscled assassins in tight pants? If you do, think again: since its re-emergence as an independent nation, Bulgaria has sought to establish itself as one of the new powerhouses of Eastern Europe. Keeping track of the country via WorldTVRadio Tuner may bring you news of the latest developments on the Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria’s premium destination for long swathes of stunning beachfronts. It may bring you up to speed with the newest trends and forecasts for what is rapidly becoming the hottest foreign investment hub in the region. Or it may even make you green with envy as you hear the snow-report for the ski season.

Even if you haven’t mastered the Cyrillic script, you can still practice your Bulgarian and enjoy yourself too with our range of radio and TV streaming channels. Most media outlets broadcast in Bulgarian, but there are a few Multilanguage channels available as well.

We’ve got a wide range of Bulgarian content covered with over 20 live and on-demand channels on our streaming list from cities including Sofia and Plovdiv. Our channels span the whole spectrum of audience demands, including Bagri TV (General Station), Folk Radio Nazdrave (Folklore) and TV Gypsy (Music TV).

As Bulgaria continues to change economically and socially, you can stay informed and aware with WorldTVRadio Tuner’s streaming channels without the cost of satellite or cable TV. From breaking news out of the major cities to the latest price of rose oil futures (Bulgaria exports 10% of the world’ rose oil), we’ve got you covered as it happens.


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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Bulgaria


Country Lineup
Station Name TV/Radio City Speed Language
| 1 |
7 DNI TV TV Sofia 1100 Bulgarian
Alpha Radio 91.7 FM Radio Webcast 32 Bulgarian
Bagri TV TV Sofia 1100 Bulgarian
BG Radio Radio Sofia 128 Bulgarian
Black City Radio Radio Sofia 150 Bulgarian
Black Sea TV TV Sofia 300 Bulgarian
BTK National TV Sofia 300 Bulgarian
Bulgarian National Radio Horizont Radio Sofia 20 Bulgarian
Bulgarian National Radio Hristo Botev Radio Sofia 20 Bulgarian
City TV TV Sofia 300 Bulgarian
Darik Radio Radio Sofia 20 Bulgarian
Dzhina TV TV Sofia 300 Bulgarian
Eurofolk TV TV Sofia 1000 Multilanguage
FM Plus Radio Webcast 128 Bulgarian
Folk Radio Nazdrave Radio Sofia 64 Bulgarian
Hip Hop Radio Radio Webcast 190 Bulgarian
Hip Hop TV TV Sofia 1100 Bulgarian
Hot TV TV Sofia 1100 Bulgarian
Mad TV TV Sofia 120 Bulgarian
Pro Line TV TV Sofia 300 Bulgarian
Radio 1 Radio Sofia 128 Bulgarian
Radio Bravo Radio Sofia 128 Bulgarian
Radio Bravo 96.4 FM Radio Varna 32 Bulgarian
Radio City Radio Sofia 32 Bulgarian
Radio Daga 99.6 FM Radio Sofia 64 Bulgarian
Radio FM+ 89.9 Plovdiv Radio Plovdiv 32 Bulgarian
Radio Fresh Radio Webcast 128 Bulgarian
Radio Hit 7 107.9 FM Radio Sofia 190 Bulgarian
Radio Hot FM Radio Sofia 64 Bulgarian
Radio Jazz FM Radio Webcast 134 Bulgarian
Radio Katra Radio Plovdiv 96 Bulgarian
Radio Maya 103.9 Radio Bourgas 128 Bulgarian
Radio Njoy Radio Webcast 42 Bulgarian
Radio Nova Radio Webcast 32 Bulgarian
Radio Ultra 97.0 FM Radio Pernik 128 Bulgarian
Radio Vaselina 99.1 FM Radio Sofia 56 Bulgarian
Radio Veronika Radio Webcast 96 Bulgarian
Radio Vitosha 93.6 FM Radio Sofia 64 Bulgarian
Radio Z-Rock Radio Sofia 128 Bulgarian
Retro Radio Radio Sofia 32 Bulgarian
Signal High 90 FM Radio Sofia 48 Bulgarian
TV Estate TV Sofia 148 Multilanguage
TV Gypsy TV Sofia 500 Bulgarian
TV Rodina TV Sofia 100 Bulgarian
TV Viara TV Sofia 1100 Bulgarian
Viva Hit 93.9 FM Radio Sofia 48 Bulgarian
Viva TV TV Sofia 300 Bulgarian
Zdrave TV TV Sofia 1100 Bulgarian