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One of the newer countries in Eastern Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina is nonetheless a country of turbulent history and an expectant future. Having witnessed both mass devastation during World War 2 and the ethnic turmoil of the Bosnian War, Bosnia and Herzegovina is keen to put its history to one side and establish itself as a vibrant new hub of trade and tourism. The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina also have a keen sense for sport and cultural pursuits, having hosted the Winter Olympics of 1984 and given rise to a number of famous composers and filmmakers.
Nowadays, the ethnic groups of Bosnia and Herzegovina have mostly put aside their differences and embrace their cultural diversity. We stream channels in Bosnian, Serbian and English, catering to a wide variety of listeners and viewers with an interest in the country.

We at WorldTVRadio Tuner endeavor to bring as many programs together as possible, and we offer over 45 different TV and radio channels direct from Bosnia and Herzegovina. These cover virtually any interest to be had in the region, and include channels like Big Radio 1 and 2 (General Stations), BHT 1 (News and Talk TV), Radio Slon 89 FM (Adult Contemporary), and even TV coverage of the Hague on Tribunal Court Sudnica (Live Videofeed).

Whether you have an interest in the recent politics of Bosnia and Herzegovina or just want to hear some Eastern European music, WorldTVRadio Tuner has live and on-demand streaming coverage for you. We keep you up to date with the latest from Bosnia and Herzegovina without the cost of satellite coverage or a plane ticket over.


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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Bosnia and Herzegovina


Country Lineup
Station Name TV/Radio City Speed Language
| 1 |
BH Radio 1 Radio Sarajevo 32 Bosnian
BHT 1 TV Sarajevo 128 Bosnian
Big Radio 1 96.3 FM Radio Banja Luka 24 Serbian
Big Radio 2 91.5 FM Radio Banja Luka 24 Serbian
BM Radio Radio Zenica 32 Bosnian
eFM Radio Radio Sarajevo 32 Serbian
Kalman Radio Radio Sarajevo 32 Serbian
MB Radio Paris Radio Webcast 64 Serbian
Megaradio Radio Webcast 128 Serbian
Megaradio Web TV TV Webcast 500 Serbian
NTV Hayat Centralni Dnevnik TV The Hague 50 Serbian
NTV Hayat Korak TV The Hague 50 Serbian
NTV Hayat Vijesti U 7 TV The Hague 50 Serbian
Radio 202 93.1 FM Radio Sarajevo 32 Serbian
Radio Balkan Radio Banja Luka 32 Serbian
Radio Bihac 92.3 FM Radio Bihac 56 Serbian
Radio BN 91.6 FM Radio Doboj 64 Bosnian
Radio Brcko 92.8 FM Radio Brcko 32 Serbian
Radio Busovaca Radio Busovaca 48 Serbian
Radio Dzungla Radio Doboj 32 Serbian
Radio Feral Radio Kalesija 64 Serbian
Radio Glas Drine Radio Sapna 32 Serbian
Radio Istocno Sarajevo Radio Sarajevo 64 Serbian
Radio Kamaleon Radio Webcast 24 Serbian
Radio Kljuc Radio Kljuc 32 Serbian
Radio Koktel Radio Webcast 64 Serbian
Radio Lipovac Radio Webcast 64 Serbian
Radio M 98.7 FM Radio Sarajevo 48 Serbian
Radio Megahit Radio Webcast 64 Serbian
Radio Mir Medugorje Radio Medugorje 24 Serbian
Radio Mostar Radio Mostar 28 Serbian
Radio Q 105.2 FM Radio Visoko 32 Bosnian
Radio Slon 89 FM Radio Sarajevo 44 Bosnian
Radio Televizija Federacije Radio Sarajevo 32 Serbian
Radio Televizija Unsko Radio Bihac 128 Serbian
Radio Tuzla 94.0 FM Radio Tuzla 64 Bosnian
Radio Zenica Radio Zenica 20 Bosnian
RSG Radio Stari Grad Radio Sarajevo 32 Serbian
RTBN Radio Televizija BN Radio The Hague 128 Serbian
RTRS TV TV The Hague 160 Serbian
Svet Plus Radio Radio Webcast 64 Serbian
Tribunal Court Sudnica 1 TV The Hague 50 English
Tribunal Court Sudnica 2 TV The Hague 50 English
Tribunal Court Sudnica 3 TV The Hague 50 English
TV Slon Extra TV The Hague 250 Serbian
Vikom Radio Radio Banja Luka 24 Serbian
Vikom TV TV Banja Luka 150 Serbian
VOA Bosnia Edition TV Sarajevo 56 Bosnian