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WorldTVRadio Tuner has a huge selection of television and radio stations broadcast from Belgium.  This European country recently celebrated 175 years of independence and WorldTVRadio Tuner has reflected its dynamic political, economic, and cultural growth in its plentiful choices of television and radio stations broadcast from many cities, including Brussels, Gouvy, Haaltert, Brabant Wallon, Charleroi, Maldegen, Seraing, and Ternat. Besides catering to Belgians, the stations are accessible to the hoards of tourists swarming through Belgium because they cover most of the European languages: German, French, Dutch, English, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.  Anyone tuning in can hear the talk show radios current discussions on issues like the aging population, the sustainability of social security, the integration of migrant worker, the morality of sheltering asylum seekers, the affordability of unrestrained development, and, of course, how Flemish separatism should be handled.  Those interested in music can listen to the most popular music from Europe, ranging from raucous rock music to sublime classical music.  The broad spectrum of choices allow television viewers and radio listeners to learn about the latest moral debates about which laws to broaden, the latest sports news about tennis or the Red Devils, the raging debate about the national debt, or the latest events in the dynamic cities of Bruges, Brussels, Antwerp, and Ghent.  The number of different Belgian stations to select from can be decided by mood, whether you feel like tuning in to cultural issues, political debates, popular music, or sporting events.  You’ll enjoy being able to tune into any of your favorite interests from the vast variety of choices available on WorldTVRadio Tuner.


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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Belgium


Country Lineup
Station Name TV/Radio City Speed Language
| 1 | 2 | 3 |
4FM 103.4 Radio Brussels 96 German
7 FM 106.4 Radio Gouvy 128 French
Accent FM Radio Haaltert 96 Dutch
Antipode Radio 105.5 FM Radio Brabant wallon 32 French
AVS Dinsdag TV Brussels 500 German
AVS Donderdag TV Brussels 500 German
AVS Maandag TV Brussels 500 German
AVS Virjdag TV Brussels 500 German
AVS Woensdag TV Brussels 500 German
AVS Zondag TV Brussels 500 German
Be One Radio Ternat 128 Dutch
Beho FM Radio Charleroi 96 French
Bel RTL Radio Brussels 56 French
BFM 101.4 Radio Charleroi 24 French
BXL La City Radio Radio Webcast 128 French
C-Dance Radio Maldegen 128 German
Ciel Radio Radio Seraing 64 French
City Gold 107.5 FM Radio Ternat 128 Dutch
Cool FM Radio Antwerp 128 Dutch
Crazy FM Radio Webcast 128 Dutch
Crazy FM The Dance Station Radio Koekelare 128 German
Crooze FM 104.2 Radio Antwerp 128 Dutch
Diwan FM Radio Brussels 36 French
Donna Video TV Brussels 220 German
EBS Europa By Satellite English TV Brussels 100 English
EBS Europa By Satellite French TV Brussels 100 French
EBS Europa By Satellite German TV Brussels 100 German
EBS Europa By Satellite Italian TV Brussels 100 Italian
EBS Europa By Satellite Portuguese TV Brussels 100 Portuguese
EBS Europa By Satellite Spanish TV Brussels 100 Spanish
Extra Gold Radio 94 FM Radio Koksijde 32 Dutch
FM Brussel 98.8 FM Radio Brussels 64 Dutch
FM Goud 107.7 Radio Webcast 96 Dutch
FM Goud 107.7 FM Radio Peer 128 Dutch
Focus WTV TV Brussels 214 German
Fun Radio Radio Webcast 48 French
Geel FM Radio Geel 32 Dutch
Hit FM Radio Limburg 128 Dutch
Jet FM 98.5 Radio Brussels 64 French
JIM TV (Sound only) Radio Brussels 96 German
Jouwradio Radio Webcast 128 Dutch
Komilfoo 106.9 FM Radio Aarschot 128 Dutch
Lazer House Radio Webcast 128 German
Liberty TV TV Brussels 400 Dutch
Melodie FM Radio Nivelles 128 French
Mint FM Radio Gout 56 French
Mint Nouvelle Scene Radio webcast 56 French
Mint Rock Radio webcast 56 French
Mix FM Radio Wijgmaal 96 Dutch
Must FM Radio Webcast 32 French