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The Eastern European country of Belarus known for its Soviet influence and a complete absence of street crimes in its cities has one television station, Belarus TV, and eleven radio stations broadcasting from Minsk, the capital city known for its Stalinist architecture and systematic streets.  Most of the programs provided by WorldTVRadio Tuner are in Belorusian (Byelorussian), but Radio Roks is in Russian, Radio Station Belarus is multilingual and Radio Zet is in Polish.  For those non-natives who can speak Russian or Polish, WorldTVRadio Tuner radio allows a glimpse into a world closed to foreign scrutiny under the iron rule of Alexander Lushenko.  Watching Belarus TV, an impression of the stern Soviet ideology is broken by scenic news stories that reveal stylish boutiques, romantic cafes, and neon lit nightclubs.   Occasionally, too, news coverage extends to span over Brest, huddled on the border with Poland, a Western-looking city, Hrodna, the antithesis of a modern city, Vitsbsk, the home of Marc Chagall, and Pripvatsky National Park, a marshy wildlife land atypical of the arid, even landscape of Belarus.  The great television and radio stations are worth watching and listening to if you want to learn more about Belarusian news and events.  A variety of programs are available, reflecting the political, economic, and cultural trends.  Some of the live broadcasts can be both captivating and interesting.  WorldTVRadio Tuner lets you in on everything Belarus has to offer.  Listening to the radio stations of Belarus leaves you with a very positive impression of the country, for the affability, affection and pride of its people.


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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Belarus


Country Lineup
Station Name TV/Radio City Speed Language
| 1 |
Belarus TV TV Minsk 100 Belorusian (Byelorussian)
Radio Belarus Radio Minsk 32 Belorusian (Byelorussian)
Radio Culture Radio Minsk 32 Belorusian (Byelorussian)
Radio First Channel Radio Minsk 32 Belorusian (Byelorussian)
Radio Racyka Radio Minsk 32 Belorusian (Byelorussian)
Radio Roks Radio Minsk 24 Russian
Radio Station Belarus Radio Minsk 32 Multilanguage
Radio Stolitsa Radio Minsk 32 Belorusian (Byelorussian)
Radio TUT Radio Minsk 128 Belorusian (Byelorussian)
Radio Zet Radio Brest 32 Polish
Radius FM Radio Minsk 32 Belorusian (Byelorussian)
RFE Balarusian Channel 10 Radio Minsk 32 Belorusian (Byelorussian)