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If you're planning on visiting Aruba for a sunny vacation with some swimming, snorkeling or fishing in the southern Caribbean Sea, WorldTVRadio Tuner offers the best Aruba television and radio channels.  Aruba, a 21 mile island off the Lesser Antilles, is an independent region of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and part of the ABC islands.  It's hot, dry climate, arid landscape, and miles of cactus offer a welcome relief to visitors from snow-clad Northern European and North American countries. As you stroll through the beautiful beaches, you'll run across many a New Yorker sheltering from the chill of the east coast as well as cruise ship passengers visiting for the day. The island's rugged edges offer spectacular wind-sculpted terrains and isolated beaches.  You'll also find divi-divi trees and the ruins of gold mines in the Arikok National Wildlife Park. You can get a feel for this unique culture by visiting WorldRadio Tuner.  Not only does WorldTVRadio Tuner have two TV stations, Canal 24 Carribean Superstation and Tele Aruba, but also twelve radio stations.  You're sure to be entertained by local news and shows on the TV stations and the radio stations will put you in touch with the rhythms of Aruba as you listen to local music.  Even if you don't speak the language, you can get a feel for the tropical pulse of this culture.  For those from Aruba, it's a way to reconnect to the good old days, stirring up nostalgic memories. Close your eyes and you'll feel you're right back home.  Both the TV and the radio beamed from WorldTVRadio Tuner are broadcast live from the city of Oranjestad. (280 words) 01/13/2010_SR


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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Aruba


Country Lineup
Station Name TV/Radio City Speed Language
| 1 |
Canal 24 Caribbean Super Station TV Oranjestad 225 Papiamentu
Canal 90 FM Radio Oranjestad 64 Papiamentu
Cool 98.9 FM Radio Oranjestad 32 Papiamentu
Crioyo 1 Radio Oranjestad 32 Papiamentu
Crioyo 2 Mix Radio Oranjestad 32 Papiamentu
Crioyo 3 Crioyo Radio Oranjestad 32 Papiamentu
Hit 94 FM Stereo Radio Oranjestad 64 Papiamentu
Magic 96.5 FM Radio Oranjestad 64 Papiamentu
Mega 88.1 FM Radio Oranjestad 48 Papiamentu
Radio Galactica 99.9 FM Radio Oranjestad 65 Papiamentu
Revolucion 88.9 FM Radio Oranjestad 64 Papiamentu
Tele Aruba TV Oranjestad 225 Papiamentu
Top 95 FM Radio Oranjestad 64 Papiamentu
Vision 105.3 FM Radio Oranjestad 32 Papiamentu