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The Toolbar

world TVRT main screen

Back icon Back: Load the previous page on the left panel - Navigate back one step
reload icon Reload: Refresh the page loaded on the left panel. Use it when a "page not found" error appear on the left panel, this action will connect the software with the database
forward icon Forward: Load the next page on the left panel
menu icon Menu: Load the Main Menu on the left panel.
search icon Search: Opens the search window. Type the name of the station that you are looking for, you can use partial names, but you can obtain better results using full names.see search window
home icon Home: This button will open Windows explorer and it will load our main page at
help icon Help: This icon will load the help screen
information icon About: This button will open a new Window containing the current installed version.
favorites icon Favorites: It opens The Favorites Administration Window, from there you can delete Radio Stations and TV channels. See favorites administration
configuration icon Preferences: You can select several options: Language, Start on TV mode (without Splash Screen, registered version only), if you need space in your task bar you can select the minimize to tray option to hide the TV Tuner on the systray when it is minimized...More info
skins icon Skins and colors administration screen, from here you can add, delete and load skins to modify the world TVRT's aparience
play icon Play: Reload the stream page (right panel)
recorder icon Record: Opens the recorder Window, here you can record the sound coming from your sound card, it uses WMA format to obtain small files with a very good quality, the recorder has a sound detector that allows to stop the recording if not sound is detected. See recorder screen
stop icon Pause / Stop, this icon will close the stream connection
exit icon Close all windows and exit