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Search Window

Search WindowThe Search Utility Window allows you to locate your favorite stations by giving the name or part of it including broadcast frecuency. I.E. When you look for the term "95.5 FM" the set of results will show you all the radio stations in the database that use the 95.5 Mhz frecuency.

Please keep in mind that you will obtain best results if you use the full name of the station. however, the software will try to match your search criteria even with two characteres.


selected station screenshot

USE: Just type the name or part of it in the search box, then click on the search button, the results will be shown in groups of ten, use the Previous and next links (when available) to navigate through pages.

To select a station click on the station name in the list, this action will load the station information available in the database.


Load Station Button: It will be activated after you click on a station name and the information page is loaded, click on it to launch the station and close the search window