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Sound Recorder

sound recorder screenshot

The Sound recorder Window shows several input options, their values are generated based in the sound card(s) installed in your computer.

In general, the default values are enough to obtain a very good relation between file size and sound quality, but you can modify the default values to fit your own requirements.

Please keep in mind that the recorder is offered as aggregate value of our software therefore its functionality is limited to basic recording and playback options. We strongly recommend to open the files recorded from our program using your preferred Media Player.

world TVRT recorder uses WMA (Windows Media Player) format to guarantee full compatibility with your installed multimedia software and, at the same time, small file sizes.

We have included a sound detector into the recorder functions to avoid that silence periods and reconnections attempts to be recorded increasing the file size.

Regardless of our sound recorder is included as a basic tool, it has many powerful options; we suggest to try several combination of parameters, we are sure that you will find the configuration adequate to your preferences