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Favorites Administration

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1. Adding - Loading Favorites

This window allows you to add and launch your favorite stations , to open this window simply right click on the main window. It is composed by two sections: the first one contains up to 50 favorite estations, the word "empty" appears in unassigned slots. An icon is shown besides each station name indicating if it is a radio station or a television channel.

1.1 Adding a new station is now an easy process:

  1. In the main screen launch the station to be added to your favorites selection

  2. Right Click, or press F2 please note that you can't right click on the menu or stream panels

  3. The favorite window is shown, click on the add current icon (if it is available), if it isn't available, that means the station is already in the favorites lineup.

1.2 Loading Stations:

  1. Right click on the main window
  2. Select an station from the list by clicking on its name
  3. The station will be launched and the favorites window will be closed automatically.

Deleting stations

2. Deleting Stations

In the same way, deleting stations from the favorite lineup is a very easy process:

  1. Open the Favorites administration window by clicking on the Favorites icon in the main screen's toolbar. You will see a list with the stations available in the lineup.

  2. To delete a station check the box beside the station's name, when all the stations selected to be deleted are check marked...

  3. Click on the modify data icon; this action will delete all marked stations and the slots will be marked as available (empty).

To cancel the process without modifications, click on the cancel icon or close the favorites window.