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4. Using world TV and Radio Tuner (Previously named 3webTotal Tv & Radio Tuner)

world TVRT main screen

The image shows world TV and Radio Tuner Main screen, It is composed by two panels:

Left Panel: Used to navigate through world TV and Radio Tuner lineup. It contains menus or station info depending on the actual task.

Right Panel: Used to play the streams

At First the left panel contains the main menu, which is organized by Type: TV, Radio, webcams and special lineup(Only available in the registered version) each one contains several categories: Ordered by country, language, speed and type. .left panel

4.1 Using The left Panel:

Use this panel to select a radio station or TV channel, the lineup is organized by country, select a country by click on the country name, a sub menu is shown with the names of the stations and channels available in that specific country.


To listen a radio station or watch a TV channel just click on the name of the station, the panel on the right will load your selection. The stream reproduction starts automatically

Station info

The left panel, at this point, contains useful information about the stream loaded: Stream speed, Language, Station type, Sound and broadcast type (live or on demand), country; city, if available; Local time (please note that Local Time is for reference only we made our best effort to show the time as accurate as possible, however we can not guaratee that this information is 100 % error free). The last part contains useful links to the stream home page and the schedule page (if available)

4.2 Toolbar

They are used to navigate through all the options available in version 5.5, each icon and its funtion is analyzed deeply in the toolbar page