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3. First Time

Language selection screen

You can execute world TVRT version 5.501 by clicking on the TV icon on the Windows desktop

When you use world TV and Radio Tuner for the first time the software shows two basic configuration screens: Language selection and Configuration window

3.1 The Language Selection Window: Allows to select the default language used on screens, dialog boxes and help pages, you must select a default language before continue. the language window can be accessed from the main screen by pressing the F7 key as well.

Changes made to language preferences take immediate effect, on all windows except on main screen, it will load the new language the next time the software is used.

Configuration window3.2 The Configuration Window: it is used to select several options, including language if you prefer to do it from there:

Available options are:


Minimize to system tray: When this option is checked the program icon will be displayed in the System Tray when the window is minimized. this option will allow you to place world TVRT main icon in the system tray and not in the start bar.

Start on TV mode: When is checked the software hides the splash window every time that the software is launched